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TOMMY MORRISON BAND - Cry To The Sky (1985)

TOMMY MORRISON BAND - Cry To The Sky (1985)
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British singer / songwriter TOMMY MORRISON started his career in the seventies as part of several bands, and then in 1979 was signed to Real Records recording a solo album co-produced by Paul Rogers (Bad Company, Free).
Years after he formed the TOMMY MORRISON BAND and the small label Otis Records was interested in the material of the group. Ed Stasium - known for his work with The Ramones and later Living Colour, arrived from New York to produce the debut album from the band; "Cry To The Sky".

Released in 1985, this obscure LP has little in common with the mid-Eighties sound. This is mostly first half of the decade melodic rock with a pinch of Brit-pop in it: quite good riff driven rockers such as "Simone", "Local Station", the catchy "Breaking Promises" and the more modern "Easy Street", mixed with slow numbers like "Just Lately" and the sweet ballad "That's Where I Go Wrong".
"Cry To The Sky" is not the seventh wonder, but it's extremely hard to find and was steadily requested by many readers on this blog. Audio restored by me.
Very Rare.

01 - Amber Lights
02 - Just Lately
03 - Local Station
04 - That's Where I Go Wrong
05 - Simone
06 - Breaking Promises
07 - Don't Worry
08 - You Call The Tune
09 - Easy Street
10 - Go Free

Tommy Morrison - vocals, guitar
John Watchman - guitar
Brian Edwards - bass
George Defty - drums
Frank Gibbon - keyboards
Steve Thompson, John Hogan - guest guitar



Grapher said...

Thank you very much for this album!
A very long time looking for albums by Tommy.
Thank you!

djtom said...

Many many thank Camelblue - my friend will be so very happy!

Keep up the excellent work!!

rockkrockk said...

Hello camel, if you are kind enough to upload this album in mediafire or or 4shared, depositfile is banned in my country, i'll miss this wonderful album if you do not keep my request, please upload , thanks a lot ...looking forward for it soon.

Grapher said...

Tommy Morrison Band - Cry To The Sky (1985 Otis Records)

Camelblue said...

You're welcome. Thanks for the mirror Grapher.

rockkrockk said...

@ Grapher
Thanks a lot for the mirror link.

Anonymous said...

Thnks Camelblue for this :))

very hard day need to sleep...

Grapher said...

@Camelblue, you have this album TOMMY MORRISON - Place Your Bets (1979 UK Real Records)?

J said...

@djtom & Grapher

Tommy Morrison - Place Your Bets (1979) @ 320K

own LP Rip


Greetings from Germany


Grapher said...

@J, Many Thanks of album 1979 Place Your Bets.

Anonymous said...

Hi,please, can you repost the 1979 Place Your Bets?, the link is dead.

Camelblue said...

I don't have it. Please ask for it at REQUEST & FILL CORNER 14

Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have a white label copy of place your bets with tracks hand written and the sleeve trimmed with no flaps to glue. is this worth anything?