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FACE FACE - Bridge To Nowhere (2006)

FACE FACE - Bridge To Nowhere (2006) front
Although based in Switzerland due their recording label / management, FACE FACE is an international outfit founded by multi-instrumentalist D.D. Matter and a guitarist with an American origin, George Miller. Both write, produce and engineer all the band's music.
The vocal slot is occupied by talented Irishman Mervyn Spence, known for his work in the Phenomena project, Wishbone Ash, Trapeze and specially for us, AOR fans, in his own band O'Ryan (featured on this blog HERE)

Face Face's debut 'Childhood Dreams' was, for me, the best AOR album that came out in 1994, and one of greats of that decade. D.D. Matter lost the rights of the band's name and the lot decided to release their second effort under the Purple Cross moniker in 2000.

FACE FACE - Bridge To Nowhere (2006) inside cover

But things returned to normal for this "Bridge To Nowhere", their third record again with the Face Face name at front.
Talking about the music, the band style remained faithful to the European sound of its origins, just a bit more Melodic Rock oriented than AOR.

There's hooky guitar-driven numbers in "Lights Of New York", "It's Not The End" and the energetic "Don't Stop", nice midtempos like the extremely melodic "Walking On Sunshine", AORish moments in "Close Your Eyes" (my favorite) and "White Rose", then balladry on "True Love".

FACE FACE - Bridge To Nowhere (2006) back cover

"Bridge To Nowhere" is typical Euro Melodic Rock by numbers but really enjoyable, specially Mervyn's vocal harmonies and the melodious guitar work of Miller. It's well produced and mixed with a bright sound.
Out of print.

01 - Lights Of New York
02 - Walking On Sunshine
03 - Don't Stop
04 - True Love
05 - Bridge To Nowhere
06 - Close Your Eyes
07 - Sin City
08 - White Rose
09 - It's Not The End
10 - Desire Burns Like Fire

Mervyn Spence - lead vocals
George Miller - guitars, keyboards, vocals
D.D. Matter - keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion
Marcel Ammann - drums
Tamara Meier - backing vocals
Pete Jefferson - drums on 1
Michael Hedderich - add. guitar

FACE FACE Bridge To Nowhere


La Autoridad Del Rock said...

Childhood Dreams es espectacular, veremos que tal este. Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Hello Camelblue! Great band and album is one of the best in melodic rock. But the link is gone now, could you please fix it?