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TIME GALLERY - Kaleidoscope (1992)

TIME GALLERY - Kaleidoscope (1992) front
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TIME GALLERY probably was the best Lite AOR coming out from Sweden. This "Kaleidoscope" is their second and last album released in 1992.
If one word define these guy's style is finesse.

TIME GALLERY - Kaleidoscope (1992) inside cover

Combining AOR melodies ("The Feeling Is Gone") with power pop guitar chords ala Richard Marx ("Closer To Love", "Y.B.B." -great guitar solo), heavenly harmony vocals ("Like Summerrain"), smooth WestCoast touches (the very TOTO-esque "You") and a dash of '80s Hi-Tech ("Lovesmash"), there's something for everyone here.

TIME GALLERY - Kaleidoscope (1992) back cover

With a superb, crystal-clear production, "Kaleidoscope" is chock full of memorable catchy hooks and choruses in the Scandinavian style.
The CD is out of print and it isn't easy to find a HQ rip of this beauty.

01 - Closer To Love
02 - Like Summerrain
03 - The Feeling Is Gone
04 - You
05 - Lovesmash
06 - Y.B.B.
07 - Merry-go-round
08 - Goodbye Molly's Angels
09 - Don't Say It's Love
10 - Julie Knows
11 - Like Summerrain (Sway mix) [bonus track]

Patrik De Vee - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Fredrik Bergengren - Guitar
Johan Stentorp - Keyboards, Vocals
Thomas Nyberg - Bass, Vocals
Carl Colt - Drums, Percussion

TIME GALLERY Kaleidoscope HQ


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