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MICHAEL STANLEY BAND - Inside Moves (1986) [remastered & expanded]

MICHAEL STANLEY BAND - Inside Moves [remastered & expanded] front
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American songwriter / singer / guitarist Michael Stanley recorded two solo albums in the first half of the seventies with collaboration from the likes of Joe Walsh, Todd Rundgren and David Sanborn, but he wanted a real, stable band and founded the MICHAEL STANLEY BAND in 1974.
For over a decade, MSB rocked the arenas all over the US MidWest sharing stages with Foreigner, The Eagles or REO Speedwagon, and gained a strong loyal following in USA & Canada.

The band's early '80s albums were the more popular with three Top40 singles and a video heavily played on the young MTV. But the one most praised by AOR fanatics is this final record as Michael Stanley Band (he continued recording as solo artist) entitled "Inside Moves".
The album merges mid-eighties AOR sounds with radio friendly melodic rock, plenty of hooks and lots of keyboards played by the talented Kevin Raleigh who also share lead vocals with Stanley.
The album was originally released only on vinyl featuring 9 tracks, later issued for the first time on CD during the nineties.

MICHAEL STANLEY BAND - Inside Moves [remastered & expanded] back cover

This 2003 reissue is the first (and only) remastered version of "Inside Moves" including 5 bonuses. My favorite is "Hard Die The Heroes" only released as a single, and it was featured in the professional American football team Cleveland Browns video 'Masters Of The Gridiron'. It's that kind of anthem so '80s.
MSB should have been huge commercially, but EMI Records never properly supported the band nationwide.
A shame, because they were really good.

01 - Show Me Something
02 - No Big Deal
03 - When All Is Said & Done
04 - Somebody Else's Woman
05 - Here Comes The Kids
06 - Inside Moves
07 - Headlights
08 - Poor Side Of Town
09 - Bop Till Ya Drop
10 - Hard Die The Heroes (previously unreleased)
11 - Shut Up & Leave Me Alone (previously unreleased)
12 - Hey Angel (previously unreleased)
13 - Rock Me Easy (previously unreleased)
14 - Kiss It Off (previously unreleased)

Michael Stanley: vocals, guitar
Danny Powers: lead guitar, vocals
Kevin Raleigh: synths, organ, vocals
Bob Pelander: piano, synths, vocals
Michael Gismondi: bass
Tommy Dobeck: drums, percussion

MICHAEL STANLEY BAND Inside Moves remastered


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Thereby, it is interesting to hear from you that (among other things) Kevin Raleigh had a finger (or two) in this well-cooked pie, so to say. You know, his 'Someone Special', a song that came out a couple of years later, is an all-time favourite of mine.

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You're welcome Thomas. Feel free to request more.

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Yes, I have the original CD.
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