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MAMMOTH - Mammoth (1989) HQ + bonus

MAMMOTH - Mammoth (1989) HQ + bonus
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British MAMMOTH was a curious band, not only for their name chosen with a great sense of humour by the members due their voluminous body size, but also musically. Founded by vocalist Nicky Moore (Samson, Tiger) and ex-Gillan Band bassist John McCoy, the band released their self-titled debut in 1987, appeared in America in 1989.
Despite Moore / McCoy NWOBHM origins, the intention with "Mammoth" was not only appeal to hard rock related listeners, but also commercial rock&pop audiences. Not strangely the album was released by Jive, a recording label specialized in pop music.
According to the era, there's a strong Melodic Rock sound with AOR touches throughout the record, with a couple of tracks with radio-ready choruses.

Just listen the catchy opener "All The Days", the soaring "30 Pieces Of Silver", the quite AORish "Can't take the Hurt", or the funny single "Fatman". The latter was released with different mixes and maxi versions.
But Mammoth also blends melodic rock with some power-funk bass lines in "Bet You Wish" (including keys all over), while "Long Time Coming" fuse Moore's bluesy classic rock vocals with a rock&pop musical foundation resulting in an original sound. Anyway, sharp, rocking guitar riffs are ever present on all tracks.
Showing even more variation, Mammoth delivers a classic rock sounding track on "Home from the Storm", a mid-tempo with great atmospheres.

MAMMOTH - Mammoth (1989) HQ + bonus back cover

With a bright polished production, "Mammoth" is a pretty unknown and underrated album that really deserves a slot in your Melodic Rock collection. It isn't easy to find a HQ version on the blogosphere, so here it is.
As proof of Jive Records commercial faith in Mammoth, there were several singles / remixes from this album, some included here by me as bonuses.
Very enjoyable.

01 - All the Days
02 - Fatman
03 - Can't Take the Hurt
04 - 30 Pieces of Silver
05 - Dark Star
06 - Bet you Wish
07 - Long time Coming
08 - Bad Times
09 - Home from the Storm
10 - Fatman [Admiral Amour Mix] (bonus track)
11 - All The Days [alt. version] (bonus track)
12 - Can't Take The Hurt [alt. version] (bonus track)
13 - Fatman [12'' Mix] (bonus track)

Nicky Moore - vocals, keyboards
John McCoy - bass, guitar, synth guitars
Mac Baker - guitar
Vinnie Reed - drums, percussion
Bernie Torme (Gillian) - add. guitars
Rob Fisher - add. keyboards
Kenny Cox - add. guitars
Dave Lloyd, Mark Williamson - backing vocals

MAMMOTH (1989) HQ + bonus



T.P said...

I always thought of All The Days as one of those precious songs that has got enough musical strength alone to make one addicted to the immensely powerful Melodic Rock genre. Furthermore, this outstanding song isn't the only reason for bidding that pleasant mammoth in all its glory welcome in my collection. Extinct? Not with this HQ copy - which doesn't even hold back some nice bonus content. Thanks, Camelblue!

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