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PARIS BLACK - Paris Black (1990)

PARIS BLACK - Paris Black (1990) HQ
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Singer of European origin but established in Canada, PARIS BLACK (seems to be his real name) released this self-titled album - his second - in 1990, as far I know only in North America.
According to the era with solo artists, the idea was to provide a solid backbone of session musicians and skilled songwriters, a pristine production, and an overall commercial sound.
"Paris Black" is a typical product from the late '80s with a Hi-Tech / light AOR sound, and while these genres have been previously presented on the blog, this should be the more poppy CD ever posted here.

As said, Paris got song contributions from the likes of Michael Bolton, Bob Halligan Jnr, The Arrows' Dean McTaggart, Diane Warren, David Roberts and more, so there's good penned music on offer here.
Paris' vocals are smooth & clean, and the general arrangements are centered around synths, lots of synths, electronic drums, light guitars and nice backing vocals. Think Rod McInnes, Keven Jordan, Alan Frew solo, but even more light.
There's upbeat numbers, some breezy ballads and a couple of danceable tracks that I don't care much, but all really pleasant, working great as background music.

PARIS BLACK - Paris Black (1990) back

"Paris Black" is a cool album, really well produced with 'that' clinical precision, nothing outstanding yet enjoyable nonetheless.
Never reissued, it has become a rarity scarcely ever seen at auction sites.

01 - Conspiracy
02 - Heaven Sent
03 - My Heart Is Still Young
04 - Letting Go
05 - Barely In Love
06 - Danced In My Direction
07 - I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
08 - Bang Bang
09 - Don't Say Goodnight
10 - If I Could Dance With You
11 - Every Emotion

Paris Black - Vocals
Richard Buck, Guido Diodati, Mark Berry - Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion
Larry Mancini - Guitars
John Bianchini - Guitars, Mandolin
George Orphanos - Guitars, Side Guitar
Valerie Hallman - Vocals (duet on 3)
Martin Davio - Sax
Kenny MacLean (Platinum Blonde), Lorraine Scott, Marcia English, Dean McTaggart, Keith Powers, Paris Black - Back-Up Vocals



iamninja83 said...

Hello! I'm new here but a big fan of your work here.

I just downloaded this album from your site and loaded it into the latest version of iTunes, just as I have done with your other volumes, however every track in this album only plays for about 4 seconds and then fails and moves on to the next track.

Is anyone else having this issue?
I have removed the album files and re-loaded again to see if there was just a one-time hiccup, however the issue remains.


iamninja83 said...

Follow-up: Issue appears to only happen in iTunes as the files play in VLC without issue.
I converted the files to Apple AAC through a converter and now they load and play in iTunes just fine. Weird issue but found a fix.

Just wanted to post this publicly in case anyone else has this issue.

The converter I used is made by MediaHuman and it is completely free. No trials and or gimmicks.

You can get it here:

Camelblue said...

@ iamninja83 :
Sorry for the late reply. I see you already managed to listen it.
If you still got the original files, try to delete the tags (search G00gl how to), sometimes there's things your player do not like.

Marcel Torres said...

I requested that one. :) Thx so much, Camelblue!