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ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980)

ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980) front
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ESSENCE was active in the tri-state area, NY rock scene since the half of the Seventies to 1982. This was the previous band for vocalist / guitarist Bruce "Butch" Papa, also known as "Dartanyan" before founding Cinema, the group previously featured here on the blog.

Essence's music is strongly influenced by classic progressive bands like Kansas and Styx, both at the peak of their popularity around those years. But we can hear as well a hard rock / pomp touch, a fusion that novel bands such as Journey or Roadmaster were developing at the same age.

ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980) back

Essence entered the studio to record their own songs in 1980, and although it is all solid material, a record deal never surfaced. The group continued playing with success but after some line-up changes, Essence split in 1982.
This is an extremely rare material from my vault, never released. The sound quality is really good, including some little artwork myself made.

1 - Child Of My Own
2 - Holdin' On
3 - Out All Night Again
4 - Pretenders
5 - Hurts From The Last Time
6 - No Warning
7 - Matty
8 - No More Rain

Bruce "Butch" Papa - lead vocals, guitar
Gary Grill - bass, vocals
George Tebbitt - guitar, vocals
Rich Bifulco - keyboards
Rich Lang - drums, vocals

ESSENCE (NY) [unreleased]


T.P said...

Thanks very much for making that stuff widely available for a bigger audience. Though it has been posted by you on April 1st, this fine rarest of the rare feature (introduction included) is the complete opposite of an April Fool in the most positive sense!

Bye for now,

Unknown said...

MAN ! POMP RULES ! 'nuff said :)

RufusKrause said...

Although I'm not anxious to go, I believe I can die happier having heard this. I can't thank you enough as I have been looking for this for years and never thought I find it. I haven't even listened to it yet but that can wait while I express my gratitude to you for taking the time to post this. All I can say is "Wow" and "You Rock!!!".

Big Thanks