Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TOM DE LUCA - Captured [The Sessions]

TOM DE LUCA - Captured [The Sessions] front
Requested by many...

TOM DE LUCA had success as songwriter during the '80s, unfortunately not the same happened with his recording artist career. Tom got a contract with major label Epic and his debut album Down To The Wire was ready to be released in 1986, but due to some record company troubles only the initial, limited batch of the album hit the stores.

Many tracks for a supposed second album were already taped, some in a pre-production form, but of course, the sophomore opus never materialized.
Some kind of myth among AOR fans is that already there's a second Tom De Luca album released under the title "Captured", but in fact it's a collection of the aforementioned demos, more or less.
Less I'd say, because De Luca demoed more songs later, where the great Mike Slamer (Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key) was involved.

I have compiled here all these songs under the title "Captured / The Sessions", all finished tracks with pre-production quality, all unreleased. Well, 3 were included as bonus tracks in the Down To The Wire reissue (featured here on the blog), but the demos are slightly different, especially the mix.

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The overall sound quality is excellent - I've cleaned some noises, studio clicks, etc, plus myself-made artwork - and the material is highly enjoyable stuff for all melodic rockers out there.
A collectors item.

01 - Strongest Heart
02 - Take It Like A Man
03 - Don't Need Your Kind Of Love
04 - Only The Young
05 - Love Train
06 - Let Me Know
07 - Shotgun Wedding
08 - Suicide City
09 - Can't Stop Love, Can't Stop Money
10 - You're My Religion
11 - Still I Want To Fall
12 - Captured
13 - Guilty
14 - Kickstart My Heart
15 - Tragedy
16 - Searching For That Something
17 - Raised On Love

TOM DE LUCA - Captured [The Sessions]


eric rains said...

awesome stuff, dear Camelblue. from which year or years are these songs? uhhmm, they sound like late 80s...thanks a lot and thank you for your AMAZING website. YOU ROCK!!!

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it Eric. I think these were all taped in the second half of the '80s.