Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SAFIRE - Safire (1995)

SAFIRE - Safire (1995)

Australia never was a prolific land for AOR bands, but some good outfits come out from the land of Oz.
Safire is one of 'em, they play an infectious melodic hard rock / AOR music.
This 6 track only CD keep you interested from start to finnish, with catchy songs.
Great production for an indie release, now out of print and very hard to find original.
Give this a listen, you will love it.

1. Now You've Gone 3:35
2. Love Conquers All 4:30
3. After the Rain 4:39
4. In Your Eyes 4:34
5. Set You Free 4:10
6. White at Night 4:53

Steve Martret: guitars, backing vocals
Jason Old: lead vocals
Aaron Suter: keyboards, backing vocals
Mozz Walters: bass
Bill Georgio: drums




Anonymous said...

Powerful guitars and great voice! AOR masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

If you like AOR, you'll love the songs "Now You've Gone" and "After the Rain". But if you like of ballads, you'll love the songs "Love Conquers All" and "Set you Free". 10/10

Thank you for sharing this teasure. Essential for AOR fans like me.

Anonymous said...

singer went on record a pop type album with an excellent band called SQUARE ONE - album is called Supersonic with the guitarist from Australian metal band Black Majesty. Square One inda like Taxiride pop rock style with very good songs and big melodies.

Camelblue said...

You are right.
Do you have Square One's album? (only Japan release)
Do you want to share it with us here?
Links welcome...

Anonymous said...

I can`t download this file...
why? ... Repost please! thanx!

Anonymous said...

ajajaja camelblue hablas español ya te pasaste por mi blog gracias!.. y ps lo ke digo es que lo puedo hacer la descarga... se hace con ares o emule.. pero ninguno sirve...


skids said...

thanks mate!

Anonymous said...

File is deleted