Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AOR TREASURES - The Golden Years 86 - 88

Here it is, guys and gals, the first blog best of.
Comprising great tracks, some well known, some not, from the AOR - rock golden era between 86 - 88.
I think all tunes are outstanding, representing these magic years with justice.
Of course I left-off the obvious megakings like Survivor, Strangeways, etc.
The focus here is pointed to exciting stuff ignored by major labels.
Some of 'em were reissued recently due to demand for GOOD music.
Hope all these albums see the light in CD format or other digital platform someday (some tracks here are vinyl-rips, no CD release at the moment).
60 min. of pure AOR, 320k vbr, normalized and vinyl-restored for your pleasure.
Myself made artwork.

01 - Aviator : Can't Stop
02 - Beau Geste : Don't Go
03 - Alien : Go Easy (Orig. Version '88)
04 - Urgent : Runnin' Back (For More)
05 - Beau Coup : Somewhere In The Night
06 - Dominoe : Here I Am (Orig. Version '88)
07 - Hybrid Ice : Secret Dreams
08 - Mama's Boys : Waiting For A Miracle
09 - Glory : Never Stop (Orig. Version '88)
10 - China Sky : Turn On The Night
11 - Outside Edge : Heaven Tonight
12 - Le Mans : Love Lies
13 - Stallion : Helpless
14 - Moritz : Break It Up
15 - Peroux : Summertime Memories

The Golden Years 86 - 88 NEW LINK


Sparhawk said...

Muchísimas gracias por esto amigo, te has coronado. Confío en que con el tiempo nos des a conocer todos estos magníficos grupos. Es un lujo disponer de tu colección.

bebop said...

ola camelblue
fantastic compilation
"the best melodic rock album in the world ever" vol.1

i'll wanting for the second


Anonymous said...

el guapo!!!

Koinegeek said...

Fantastic compilation!! Thanks for sharing this... This is one of the best compilations I have ever found. Keep up the great work!

Melodicrocker said...

Are you really santa claus?

The Listener said...

killer collection. Thanx!!

Freeman said...

Good Job.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

For when the second, third, ... compilation. Just amazing. Thanks.

abilio said...

ola amigo!um grande obrigado pela compilaçao 100% perfeita!!!!!!!!!!!

HARD_layon said...

Que buena compilacion de temas, es genial de principio a fin, todo todo, muchas gracias

Bobby80s said...

Man, you really know your stuff, it's very impressive. I've got the Outside Edge album and I would say it's truly a blueprint for the highest level of real 80s AOR

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sueco said...

muitoooo bom!!!

fucking great!!!²

Anonymous said...

Very impressive list ....great work, keep it up

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Peter said...

Great stuff from a very special timeframe!

Anonymous said...

can you fix the link he's dead thanks in advance for the great stuff on youre site greetings from the netherlands regards Dutchie.

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the re-up camelblue ,

Anonymous said...

so i have all the four compilations,
great stuff :-) thank you ,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this and all the stuff that you put on your site!