Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MARSEILLE - Touch The Night (1984) 192Kbps

This Liverpool band from the NWOBHM scene, returned in 1984 with this really good album, not 'square heavy metal' at all, this is hard rock influenced by the new style in the islands, think they contemporaneans Bronz or the first Def Leppard.
Listen "Walking On A High Wire", 1st class melodic hard rock with twin guitar attack, sounds like a keyboard line!
The title track is an emotional mid-tempo ballad.
Unjustly forgotten band.
Rare and hard to find album, pristine and perfect vinyl-rip.

1. Crazy
2. Walking On A High Wire
3. After The Fall
4. Touch The Night
5. Reach For The Night
6. Too Late
7. Gate Crashin'
8. Live Now Pay Later
9. Open Fire

Sav Pearce: Vocals
Mark Railton: Guitars
Toby Martin: Guitars
Steve Dunwoodie: Bass
Keith Knowles: Drums


Duli king said...

thanks~~ a lot~
i didnt know about AOR
but from here i learn many~~

Enrico said...

Thanks for sharing this one too - your blog rules!

mar said...

Muy buenos Camel, la verdad es que el ripeo se escucha genial, gracias perla, un abrazo ;)

Joe said...

Thanks for this one....your blog is awesome!

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How can I download this album?

Camelblue said...

Just click the orange link at the end of the post.