Saturday, May 24, 2008

GREGG ROLIE (ex Journey) - Gringo (1987) 192Kbps

GREGG ROLIE Journey Gringo

Gregg & Neal Schon founded Journey in 1974, he was the lead vocalist and keyboardist, but when Steve Perry enter the band, he lost prominence.
Unhappy with his role, Rolie left the band in 1980.
The 1st album didn't see the light until 1985.
This one, "Gringo" (later re-released as 'Hands of Time') his 2nd and much better in my opinion, includes monster star contributions.
Richie Zito produced, Santana played on "Too Late, Too Late", and Carlos & Neal Schon traded solos on "Fire at Night".
Colaiuta & Nathan East are the best rhythm section you can have, and Dan Huff, Pizzulo, etc...
Style similar to Glen Burtnick, Joe Pascuale, Rick Springfield.
No weak tracks here, lush production, killer songs.
A must have in any AOR collection.
Out Of Print

1. The Hands of Time
2. Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
3. Talk Talk
4. I Couldn't Lie to You
5. One of These Days
6. Too Late, Too Late
7. Fire at Night
8. You Make It Hard on Me
9. I Will Get to You

Gregg Rolie: keyboards, vocals
Bob Marlette; keyboards, guitars
Gary Chang: keyboards
Arthur Barrow: keyboards
Neal Schon: guitar
Dan Huff: guitar
Carlos Santana: guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Nathan East: bass
Joe Pizzulo: backing vocals

GREGG ROLIE (ex Journey) - Gringo


abilio said...

obrigado camelblue!!!!!!!mais uma vez um grande trabalho!!!gracias amigo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Should anybody be interested, this one has been recently re-printed by Wounded Bird Records and it is still available.

Fidel J. said...

I've really been enjoying your site, and I wanted to know if you could help me find a couple songs that seem to have fallen off the face of the musicscape.



"TOUCH THE SKY" by White Sister

any help would be fantastic... =)

Freeman said...

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Is There Anyone Who Has A "Arrow Through My Heart" Song Of Jimmy Demers ??? I Would Appreciate Any Kind Of Help...

Camelblue said...

Jimmy Demers: Arrow Through My Heart, as many "Thrashin'" OST songs, were never officially released.
Simply...does not exist.

Frankie said...

Is that Jimmy Demers song the one that Per Wilander skates to?
Can't believe that song does not exist...