Wednesday, June 04, 2008

KYLE VINCENT - Trust (1993)

Unknown to the big audiences, not for the AOR global lovers, this is the first Kyle's album, recorded in 1992 and never officially released (some sources mention it was released in limited press only in Japan, 1993) until last year with a couple bonus tracks.
Also exists a '99 bootleg edition with different name.

His subsequent albums turns more into soul/pop territory, but this one is a real gem of melodic-rock-pop in the vein of Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx or even the earlier Brian Adams.
Sweet and warm voice, beautiful melodies, nice lyrics.

Top notch production: monster AOR legend Clif Magness, Steve Levine and Kyle himself.
A song co-written with another AOR icon; Steve Kipner.
Top class studio musicians: Tim Pierce, Gilby Clarke, Freddie Washington (K. Loggins band), JR Johnson (M. Jackson band) and more.

Recommended listen.If you like it, try to find (not easy) one re-editon copy, and BUY IT.

1. A Night Like This
2. Never Say Die
3. Trust
4. Something To Remember Me By
5. Maybe It's Better This Way
6. What Am I Gonna Do
7. Change The World
8. For All The Wrong Reasons
9. Wherever You Are Tonight
10. Now I Know

Kyle Vincent: vocals, keyboards
Tim Pierce, Gerry Beckley, Clif Magness, Gilby Clarke: guitars
Louis Johnson, Freddie Washington: bass
Michael Eqizi, Gerry Beckley: keyboards
Johnathan Moffett, JR Robinson: drums

Produced by: Clif Magness, Steve Levine & Kyle Vincent

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Anonymous said...

gran disco recomendado para quien no lo tenga a mi me encanta gracias CAMEL .


Anonymous said...

Gracias VIRI por dejarnos tu grandioso comentario, siempre lleno de alegria y furor, pasion por la musica, no te detengas amigo VIRI no te detengas...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my info about my "Trust" album.
I hope you guys like what we recorded many years ago.
It was a blast to be in the studio with such big talents.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! A very good one.

abilio said...

muito obrigado camelblue por este grande disco !!!!! gracias amigo!

Anonymous said...


cheers DD

aorelectro said...

A killer album!!!!! and I can't believe my eyes that the singer Kyle himself posted a comment. Greetings Kyle!!!!

Unknown said...

Please, cud u upload this on a different site? rapidshare sucks here in brazil, we cudnt download anything from this site...
u can use better sites like or or thouse site have no limits!!! if someone cud help, plase email me
thank you!

Anonymous said...

The album was finally released by MCA?
When was recorded the video of Never say die?

Camelblue said...

1- No
2 - I don't know the date