Thursday, July 31, 2008

BAD MEDICINE - Breakin' Down [single] (2008)

Bad Medicine.
Another hope-you-can-make-it-guys new group from Athens, Greece.
Obvious, they're big Bon Jovi fans.
Not a tribute band anyway.
Yes, they sound like early BJ but more like Blue Tears IMO, with some scandi-like european vibe.
Go ahead guys!

1 - Bad Medicine - Breakin' Down (3:55)
2 - Bad Medicine - Shade Of Love (4:49) [demo]

Ster Dante: Vocals
Roy D: Guitars
Jimi G: Bass, Backing Vocals
John Vendetta: Keys, Backing Vocals
Chris Roxx: Drums, Backing Vocals



Anonymous said...

One of the best greek band's ever in the space of aor/hard rock music.I know this guys,saw them many times live.Just only amazing!!!Hello Roy D!!! :) ANGELgr

Anonymous said...


cheers DD

Anonymous said...

Thank You For Your Kind Words...
AOR Forever!!!


Bad Medicine

Ster Dante: Vocals
John Van Darro: Keys
Jimmy Seras: Bass
Chrissy Crystal: Drums
Roy Davis: Guitar

Camelblue said...

You are welcome guys.
Waiting for the official release.
Rock On!