Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1RKO - First Round Knock Out (2007)

The band was born years ago when bassist Derek Spang,member of several groups in the Bay Area in California, decided to join forces with singer Simon Daniels.
Simon, who grew up in Rio de Janeiro where he lived until his teens, it's a L.A. rock scene veteran.
He was part of the band Jailhouse, their debut album sold more than 50.000 copies and had several videos in rotation on MTV Headbangers Ball.

Tired of labels, they decided go indie and edited this record in limited quantity.
The answer surprised and the album sold out. Currently it's only available online on mp3.

Melodic Hard Rock, furious and powerful, like Night Ranger on steroids.
Strong songwriting, well played.
I have added a track that does not come in the original edition, a good cover of the AC / DC classic tune.
Rockin' stuff.

01 - Fox On The Run
02 - One More Time
03 - The Man
04 - So Alive
05 - Right Now
06 - The Outcome
07 - Hand In Hand
08 - Black And White
09 - Hell's Bells [bonus track]

Simon Daniels - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keys
Brian Spang - Bass/Vocals
Derek Stephens - Guitars
Rich Sacco - Drums



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