Saturday, September 20, 2008

AMANDA SCOTT - Lies 7'' (1988)

What? Dance music in a hard rock AOR place?
Not at all.
Amanda released this smash hit in Europe in the middle of the 80's, and the extended version become a classic among italo-dance-music circles but...its a rock song, with great guitars and punchy keyboards.
Amanda is Bonnie Tyler's sister, rock pulse is in the genes...
IMO, a killer song.

1 - Lies (Single Version)
2 - Lies (Original 7'' Extended Version)

Alfa Records Europe.
Produced by Barry Palmer & Rod Gammons.



zak said...

thanks for this camelblue. do you know if she's released anything else?

Camelblue said...

Thanx for your comments zak.
As far I know this is her one and only release plus various remixes / versions

zak said...

thats a shame as this is a very good release, wanted to hear more from her. thanks again

Anonymous said...

excellent music , i love it .
Thanks a lot for sharing with the world a rare excellent vinyl .

Mikael Carlzon said...

Her name is now Avis Scott and she's in the cast of Cappuccino Girls, a welsh musical by Mal Pope on in Swansea. On you can hear her sing a song called Today's my birthday.

Camelblue said...

@ Mikael Carlzon :
Thanks for the info. Great to hear her again.