Monday, October 27, 2008

AUDREY LANDERS - 88/91 Compilation

Singer and actress, began her musical career in the early '80s, publishing several albums and singles that were very successful in Europe, especially Germany.
This is a compilation of tracks led to the American public, due to the success of its participation in 'Dallas' (TV series).
American poppish AOR, similar to Cher (AOR side), Luba, Cindy Valentine.
Hard to find songs.

- You Can Tame My Heart
- All Of My Heart
- Thru The Eyes Of Winter
- Going Out My Mind
- It Takes Two To Fly
- Amor, Amor My Love
- Dance A Little Closer
- Heaven
- Hand On My Heart
- Angelo
- Du Wirst Mein Schicksal Sein



Anonymous said...

Excellent - thank you ever so much for this upload. I really love obsscure FF AOR such as this -


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Anonymous said...

many thanks...i will give this a try...
i really like your blog..only good and rare to find music..
greetz from germany

Anonymous said...

another gem!!! great aor stuff

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thank´s ! You can tame my heart is awesome ...

bart said...

thanks camelblue.
very good work!

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Anonymous said...

It takes 2 to fly ...