Friday, October 17, 2008

BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (83-86)

These canadians released a couple of rocker discs at the beginnig of the 80's.
The band disappear later, but they continue recording.
Here we have a selection of 'unofficial' tracks, recorded between '83-'86(?).
Most of 'em typical mid eighties american AOR - rock sound, some like a rockier CHICAGO.
"Second Wind" is absolutely SURVIVOR-like,
and "While The Children Sleep" vintage FOREIGNER.
Good songs, good attitude, good AOR.
Quite Rare stuff.

01 - Can't Let Go
02 - Walk Through The Fire
03 - Missing You Tonight
04 - I Would Give Everything
05 - Gonna Last Forever
06 - The Danger Of Remembering
07 - Skeletons In The Closet
08 - Love's In The Air
09 - Second Wind
10 - While The Children Sleep

Steve Smith - vocals, drums
Dan Thompson - vocals, guitar
Eric Baragar - vocals, guitar, keys
Mike Goettler - vocals, bass
Barry Haggarty - vocals, guitar

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU !! This was really good! After hearing this I have tried desperately to fin more BENTWOOD.. Nothing in the stores, nothing on the Internets Sites...??!!
Would love to hear more!!
Keep up the good work!!
Love those AOR SOUNDTRACKS... Great nostalgia..

Anonymous said...

I love this album! Pure AOR! Bentwood Rocker is a great band! Thank you!

A brazilian AOR fan

sukin said...

let's see those missing files, thanx camelblue

Dixon House said...

Hello CamelBlue would it be possible to reupload this? link is dead. thanks!

Camelblue said...