Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LANCELOT - Shadow And Light (1996)

While Hungary belongs to the western world, for us (americans), these countries are like the 'beyond', perhaps due to the fact they were decades behind the Iron Curtain, and its culture remained impermeable to us.
Well, LANCELOT musicians have learned the lesson to perfection, sounding like typical 90's westcoast-rock, but with that characteristic european touch, rounded off a disc different and fresh for this style.

Two singers, several guests, among them two girls wich provide a variety mixtures, great guitar players, special mention to Kerekes Ali (Steve Lukather style), on song nº 6, my favorite here.
Title track was semi-finalist in Eurovision contest.
First class production, clean and clear.
Something exotic to try, very very good...
HQ rip, two links.

1. Ha itt lennél
2. A világ a jó barátom
3. A tulsó part
4. Jó veled
5. Alszik a föld
6. Érj hozzzám
7. Hello goodbye
8. Fény és árnyék
9. Hideg az éjjel
10. Nézz néha rám
11. Ne félj
12. Zsófi álma

Dunai Sandor: vocals, acoustic guitar
Kis Pal: keyboards, programming
Suri Andras: guitars, backing vocals
Barabas Tamás: bass, guitars
Molnar Szilvia: vocals (track 11)
Kerekes Ali: guitar (track 6)
Kokenyesi Eva: vocals (tracks 4,6,11)
Román Lazslo: vocals (tracks 1,7,9,10)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Finanshall said...

dude this is the best thing on the whole internet ! let me just say I've been sittin with my jaw dropped down for a couple of minutes as I saw this and then started downloading everything I could ! you're doing an amazing job, thank you so much!

while I'm here, I wonder if you have the tune that plays all along the Robocop movie. The Basil Poledouris score has tracks that have a similar melody, but it's not exactly the same one there. as you have so many rarities, I figured you could have this one too

Finanshall said...

btw this Lancelot is crazy !

Camelblue said...

Robocop tune?
Did you mean the instrumental song with crazy upbeat?

Finanshall said...

yeah, there's this instrumental thing that goes through the whole movie, especially through the original - when the police hunt Robocop down in the underground parking, and then later when he's riding to that abandoned factory, and at the very end i think. it's quite similar to the melody in "Showdown" or "Main Title" but not exactly.

Camelblue said...

Years ago that I do not see the movie, and I can't remember exactly the scenes where the song goes, the tune is 'Show Me Your Spine' by Ministry (credited as P.T.P.)
This track didn't end in the official score, but its included in a later Ministry's B-sides CD compilation.

Finanshall said...

Hmm, this one's definately from the movie, but I was talking about the other one, that was supposedly also composed by Poledouris. but thanks anyway! this blog is pure enjoyment !

ente said...

Unfortunetely we forgot them in Hungary...their music is too valuable for the mainstream on radios. But I like them, and the lyrics are very creative, and nice, not just the music. This album is like a garden of fairies.

Camelblue said...

What an interesting comment Marton.
Great band indeed.
Thanks for drop a line.