Monday, June 22, 2009

SEVEN - Man With A Vision + extras (1990)

Another "Request & Fill Corner" request, John Parr related.
Don't be afraid by the 'boy-band' look of this guys.
Yes, they supposed to be a chart product, but unlike that kind of monstrosity, they wrote their own songs and really play all the instruments.
And what a beautiful AOR songs!
Produced by John Parr ("Man With A Vision" tune was recorded by himself in '92), they released 2 singles on the Polydor label the same year: "Inside Love" in january and "Man With A Vision" in june, 1990.

Seven went on to tour with The Monkees, Richard Marx and Jason Donovan, and the singles sold well, but some label / management problems dissolved the project.
A shame, they were very good.
There's rumours that a full album was recorded, but was shelved...
If you like Parr's music and style, well done poppy AOR with class, this is for you.
Man With A Vision maxi-single is complete (4 tracks), plus Inside Love 7'' version and 2 demos (supposed to be part of the unreleased album).

01. Man With A Vision [7'' version]
02. Just Close Your Eyes
03. Man With A Vision [extended version]
04. Stranger (In The Night)
05. Inside Love [7'' version]
06. Untill Then (demo)
07. Be That Girl (demo)

Mick Devine: Lead Vocals
Keith MacFarlane: Guitar, Vocals
Pat Davey: Bass, Vocals
Simon Lefevre: Keyboards, Vocals
Austin Lane: Drums
Produced by John Parr

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GuitarheroAndy said...

Thank you very very much indeed, CamelBlue!!!
Absolutely excellent!!!!!

Thiago said...

Oh, my God, CamelBlue! This is very very rare! Thank you so much for share it.

I didn't know that "Man With a Vision" was recorded before Parr's released...

Hugs from BRAZIL

aorelectro said...

These guys are very good lookin and they look amazing.

The description is very interesting and I can't wait to listen to this.

aorelectro said...

Amazing, Awesome, Alive and Kickin!!!. Excellent taste goes to the person that requested and the uploader as well.

GuitarheroAndy said...

They were a great live band too - on Richard Marx's Repeat Offender tour, I saw them do an excellent support set that included a storming version of Pat Benatar's 'Love Is A battlefield'... Superb stuff and such a shame that they never got to release their album.

A Fan said...

Thanx alot mate

A Fan

Anonymous said...

Excellent, and ultra-rare too. Thanks :)

Angela said...

Wow - I loved this band - thanks for this. Saw them live about 5 or 6 times - what a talent!

Camelblue said...

Lucky you Angela.
You're welcome...

Stephen said...

Many thanks, these are great.

Seven's videos for both Inside Love and Man With A Vision are currently on YouTube too.

Anonymous said...

So excited when I found this as I didn't realise they even had a second single!! Link is not working!! Any chance you could reupload??

Camelblue said...

Sure. Coming up soon...

ROCKCHICK1974 said...

I posted the "Man with a Vision" on my blog but could never find the follow up single Inside Love so thanks for this!

Gilard said...

I kiss you for this one!

Ed H. said...

Hello, would you mind reposting this? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Wayne said...

Camelblue you are a star! I've been after this for ages. Sadly, the files are no longer available. Any chance of a re-up please? Thanks in advance.

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

Good news. Seven have just released a 12 song album of mostly previously unrecorded material.
Really good, updated sound.