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THE UNDYING FIRE - Unreleased Tracks (2008)

ARfm has long been one of the world's most important AOR-Melodic Rock radio stations, with exclusive interviews and concerts.
They lost two major sponsors, and were close to disappear.
Steve Newman (NEWMAN's frontman) and the FIREFEST promoters (the most important festival these days), knew they had to do something to help.

Several artists were summoned to donate unreleased tracks, in order to release a benefit CD.
The project, entitled "The Undying Fire", is a Limited Edition collection of 14 tracks all of which are either brand new, unreleased or live, all mastered by Steve Newman at the Blue Room Studios, UK.
The album was available only in the last year's FIREFEST and ARfm-shop online.

ARfm director, Steve Price, describes each track:

1. HOUSE OF LORDS - Point Of No Return:
When I first contacted James Christian, the band was working in their new album.
This song was already written and polished, and James accepted to recording inmediatly for us. All done in 3 days.

2. VALENTINE (Hugo) - Luv Honey:
It was originally a demo for the second Valetine's album, that never saw the light.
The raw tape was mastered in the studio very soon by Mr. Newman. A nice song.

3. SHADOWMAN - Freefall:
Unreleased track from the 2nd SHADOWMAN CD, donated by STEVE OVERLAND.
It's one of those songs that make you think why didn't end in the album!

4. NEWMAN - Don't Know Why:
Written on August 8, 2008 by STEVE NEWMAN, under the sun of a Mediterranean beach.
He was in charge of everything concerning this album, also has recorded and contributed with this track.

5. ROBIN BECK - I'm Serious:
Accompanied by House Of Lords full line-up, this song was recorded during the same sessions of track 1.
So we have HOL with female vocalist for the first time!
Powerful tune. She also took time to do backing vocals on track 10 ... she's a star!

6. TALON - Paradise:
'Outtake' from the band's first album.
This song appears in their last record, but this is a completely different version, also sung by the original vocalist.

7. CRUNCH (ex AdrianGale) - The World We Knew:
CRUNCH New song, done in just three days for us.
They are recording a new album right now.

8. BOMBAY BLACK - Without You (Regrooved Mix):
The band didn't have a new song for donating, so they decided remix this track for us. Never released.

9. HEARTLAND - I Believe:
"Mind Your Head" leftover. There were plans to include this one as a Japan bonus track, but never happened.

Tommy is a true star and came to our rescue with this song.
Nina is the singer of Spamalot, successful band in Eastern Europe, and Tommy has been recording some songs with her for a future project.
This is one of them. Backing Vocals by ROBIN BECK.

11. STORMZONE - On A Wing And A Prayer:
The band kindly gave us 2 songs to choose. Was a difficult decision for us.
Powerful rocker.

12. HAREM SACREM - Karma Cleansing (Live)
13. VALENTINE - Tears In The Night (Live)
14. FM - Bad Luck (Live)
These 3 tracks were recorded live at the FireFest and were used with permission of the respective bands.



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