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DUGAN McNEILL - In The Velvet Night (1989)

DUGAN McNEILL - In The Velvet Night (1989) front
This is a request from a post originally featured here more than 7 years ago

To complement Chameleon's discography here's vocalist & bass player DUGAN McNEILL solo album "In The Velvet Night". The record was gestated four years after Chameleon split, so the musical orientation chosen by McNeill is pretty far removed from early '80s light AOR vein of his former band.

To be clear, "In The Velvet Night" is 'adult rock & pop' material with contemporary AOR traces in a style according to the era. Think 88-92 Canadian sound, like Glass Tiger or Bryan Hughes Group (Beau Geste) then add some English styling and a hi-tech stamp on some songs.

DUGAN McNEILL - In The Velvet Night (1989) back

"Stranger Than Paradise", "There Goes My Heart Again" and specially "Love You Today" are the highlights for me, elegant tunes with a nice atmosphere and McNeill smooth vocals.
A fine, pretty unknown album.

01 - Walls Come Down
02 - Israeltown
03 - Stranger Than Paradise
04 - Eyes Of A Child
05 - Take A Chance
06 - There Goes My Heart Again
07 - Ghost On The Radio
08 - I Will Be There
09 - Love You Today

Dugan McNeill: vocals,bass, guitar, keyboards
Donny Paulson: guitar
Dik Shopteau: bass, guitar
Kurt Barkdull: drums, percussion
Charlie Adams: drums, percussion
Stephanie Eubanks: backing vocals
Yanni: keyboards (uncredited)

DUGAN McNEILL - In The Velvet Night (1989)


lmccu1 said...

good stuff, mate. Thank you!

Camelblue said...

What a nice surprise! Glad to read you lmccu1.

John said...

Link is dead, any chance of a reupload?

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T.P said...

Within this album I found a crisp combination of a pleasantly expressive voice and polished arrangement which made it an enjoyable experience for me at first listening some years ago. Moreover, I had chosen I Will Be There - with its melodically rocking, powerful approach - to join my personal "Hall Of The Never Becoming Stale Evergreens" from where the song is getting played every once in a while, due to a fine production that delivers. So it's more than nice to see Dugan McNeill standing in the spotlight here at your haven once again, Camelblue!

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