Thursday, November 10, 2016

EARL VALENTINE - Danger Zone (The Unreleased Album)

EARL VALENTINE - Danger Zone (The Unreleased Album) front
As promised in the previous EARL VALENTINE post, here's the unreleased stuff the band recorded during the '80s. None of these tracks appeared on any Earl Valentine albums.
Earl Valentine as band released 3 LP: their debut in 1980, the featured on the blog Night Blindness (1987) and the last one, more like a Earl Valentine-solo album and musically oriented to AC / MOR.

EARL VALENTINE - Danger Zone (The Unreleased Album) back

I suspect the material on this "Danger Zone" was recorded between 1984 / 88 judging the mid-Eighties AOR sound & style (check the video-tracks below), all highly enjoyable stuff, that despite the programmed drums and the demo nature all have a pretty good sound.
Edited & compiled by me plus a little home-made artwork.

01 - Danger Zone
02 - Call Me
03 - Thinking Of You
04 - Stay
05 - If We Knew
06 - Thinking It Over
07 - It's Just A Matter Of Time
08 - It's Over
09 - Love Me If You Want
10 - Destiny
11 - All In The Name Of Love
12 - Hold On

EARL VALENTINE - Danger Zone (The Unreleased Album)


T.P said...

Absolutely formidable! As for me, this band ensures for the happy occasion of having so-called "blind faith" in all of his/their works (after I was, first and foremost, enchanted by Danger Zone), which simply means that actually I wouldn't need any pre-listening to state that Earl Valentine has my undivided attention from scratch. However, this doesn't contradict the fact that your YT embedding, Camelblue, is - as always - more than welcome and increases the anticipation for the said featured unreleased object of desire!

Moreover, it could be interesting to find out that there seem to be four albums in total (if I'm not proven wrong). Just have a look at this:

Bye for now,

T.P said...

Well, it turned out that I was wrong about a "4th released album". So just consider my mistake as if it had never happened. ;-)

Bye for now,

Unknown said...

All hail Camelblue - many thanks for this - much appreciated