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JERRY G. HLUDZIK - Just Letting It All Go (2009)

JERRY G. HLUDZIK - Just Letting It All Go (2009)
Maybe the name JERRY G. HLUDZIK doesn't ring a bell to you, but the man has created some of the greatest AOR tunes ever wrote. He's one of the founder members of classic AOR outfit Dakota, and as well has been releasing solo albums from time to time via his own, small recording label.

This "Just Letting It All Go", his last solo album, offers many points in common with Dakota, but the overall style is classic American classic rock with a MidWestern AOR flavor.
"Hole In My Pocket" sounds a lot like Dakota, "On A Day Like Today" is like a Nelson song in the 21st century, and "One From The Heart" is a fantastic AOR ballad (and maybe the best song on offer here) much in the vein of Night Ranger's acoustic '80s songs.

"Just Letting It All Go" is a solid piece of music, very well homemade produced & engineered featuring some of finest songwriting heard in a long time. Jerry G. Hludzik is a talented craftsman, and this album oozes quality from every corner.
Thanx rockland for this one, I miss you my frined.

01 - Hole in my pocket
02 - What's in this kiss
03 - What if
04 - Try
05 - On a day like today
06 - One from the heart
07 - Letting it all go
08 - All for the better
09 - These 50 years
10 - Right where I belong
11 - Better man
12 - Wind on my whiskers

Jerry G Hludzik - vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin
Jon Lorrance (Dakota) - guitars
Lenny Mecca - bass
Eli Hludzik (Dakota) - drums
Tom Borthwick - keyboards
Joe Andes - keyboards
Wes Styles - keyboards
Joe Taco - persussion (11)
Bill Kelly - backing vocals (5)

JERRY G. HLUDZIK - Just Letting It All Go


gonzaloaor said...

Despues de escucharlo me ha parecido un buen album de AOR adulto,con muy buenos temas como el que tu recomiendas One from the heart,pero tambien buenos temas como
04. Try
05. On a day like today
07. Letting it all go
10. Right where I belong
y la Instrumental
12. Wind on my whiskers

Camelblue said...

Un placer leerte gonza.
Feliz nuevo año amigo.

Juan Carlos said...

Hello Camelblue. I was looking for this album till i found you here. It would be Great if you may reupload this one. Thanks in advance. Rock on! Cheers from Lima, PERU.

Camelblue said...


Camelblue said...

Link Updated as requested

T.P said...

Jerry G. Hludzik's polished voice and catchy melodies possess a high recognition factor that inevitably recall those golden Dakota days which still cause a sensation among inclined AOR listeners to date. In fact, this album, one of Mr. Hludzik's late works, is a sophisticated bow to his eventful history that left its meaningful footsteps in the universe of a whole genre. Therefore, I say thanks, Camelblue, for this exquisite feature which has aged well like only a timeless wine can do.

Bye for now,

The MetalChurch said...

How do I get this Jerry Hludzik release? It's very important to me. Can someone help?