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SIREN - All Is Forgiven (1989)

SIREN - All Is Forgiven (1989) full
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SIREN was a short-lived band signed by Mercury Records to be the next answer to Heart. Fronted by goddess Kristin Massey and with a leather/glammy image, the music was in fact commercial rock&pop with a melodic hard rock sonic treatment.
"All Is Forgiven" is their debut appeared in 1989 and it's a solid product from the era. I know few remember Siren simply because that year was over-flooded by excellent releases for the genre, and basically, Mercury lost interest to promote the release. A shame.

But there was a reason; soon after the release of "All Is Forgiven" a lawsuit arrived... other band legally owned the name Siren, so they were forced to change it to 'Red Siren'.
Hence, Mercury had to re-print the LP, CD and cassettes, and label executives don't like that... Siren / Red Siren were put in a black list losing all potential promotion.

But it's music what matters and Siren's "All Is Forgiven" is plenty of good moments.
Title track is a highlight and the more muscular cut on the record, 'Master Of The Land' is another fine uptempo which brings to mind Saraya, and 'One Good Lover' add acoustics to the mix alongside lots of synths, resulting very catchy.
'Stand Up' is perhaps the most poppy track on the record, but one of my favs. It has 'something' that makes it special.
Another of my picks is closer, midtempo ballad 'So Far Away', which obviously was crafted with a Heart / Robin Beck hit-chart styling, a very sweet number with delicate vocals by Kristin, lots of keys and a solid guitar solo.

SIREN - All Is Forgiven (1989) back

Siren's (or Red Siren) "All Is Forgiven" is a forgotten but very solid release from the US melodic hard rock 1989 scene.
Needless to say, this first CD pressing sporting the original 'Siren' name on the cover / artwork quickly became a collectors item.

01 - All Is Forgiven
02 - One Good Lover
03 - Don't Let Go
04 - Master Of The Land
05 - Stand Up
06 - Good Kid
07 - How Dare A Woman
08 - Rock-A-Bye
09 - Love Shut Down
10 - So Far Away

Kristin Massey - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Robert Haas - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Jon Brant - bass
Gregg Potter - drums

SIREN - All Is Forgiven (here)


T.P said...

Since I have a soft spot for music that's gonna be used in soundtracks, it was due to My Stepmother Is An Alien which got me acquainted once with the noteworthy One Good Lover, as it combines a rather catchy composition with the vigorous voice of the female lead. The full album All Is Forgiven, however, found me just by coincidence a couple of years ago and not the other way around by me searching for it. But even if this fine record never had crossed my mind until now, Camelblue's detailed presentation to be found here would have made up for everything whilst being a welcome surprise. And in its unparalleled form with the enjoyable written essay, it actually still is exactly that for me.

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested to know that Red Siren released a brand new album in 2018 called 'Recovered' featuring cover versions of songs by Def Leppard, The Beatles, Ratt, Tom Petty & many more.
The original line up of Haas & Massey make it sound as if no time has passed at all since their debut.
Further details here:
The original '80s Siren/Red Siren album was produced by Mike Howlett, who was the former bass player with 70s UK/French/Aussie freak/prog/space-rockers Gong & also the pre-The Police band Strontium 90.
Odd bedfellows on paper, but they worked together well.
Howlett had earlier done some outstanding production work for the Australian band Hunters & Collectors & Berlin, and was also the producer of Martha & The Muffins classic 'Echo Beach'.
I love the minutae & trivia, hope it's of interest.