Thursday, March 18, 2021

ADRIAN'S WALL - Caught In The Web (1987)

A mega rare CD only released in Australia in limited quantity. ADRIAN'S WALL was Adrian Campbell's child, a studio project with local professional musicians. Campbell, a session vocalist himself, has recorded and arranged backing vocals in countless albums in the land of Oz. 

Around 1976, was the lead singer and stable member of AVALANCHE, a hard rock band whose debut album had moderate success, opening live shows for major international bands. In the 80's, Adrian has recorded an album with the band DE ARROW (pre - ROXUS), sadly still unreleased, from which only 4 demo tracks are floating around, a great keyboard oriented melodic rock / AOR stuff. 

As said, ADRIAN'S WALL was his own project, not strictly AOR, mixing many genres, but encompassing all the styles we like. My favourite song here is "Finally Deciding", a good resume of the overall sound. Featuring the great BRETT GARSED [NELSON, SOLO] on guitars (before his international stardom in the USA), this CD is a delightful listen, something different from the usual on this site. 

  A recommended addition to your collection, good music and very, very rare, hard to find album. 

01 - Night People 
02 - Afraid To Be Afraid 
03 - Finally Deciding 
04 - Reach Out I'll Be There 
05 - This Waiting (Is Killing Me) 
06 - Soul Breaker 
07 - Time Stands Still 
08 - The Dancer 
09 - I Doubt It (Will Ever Come True) 

Adrian Campbell - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards 
Brett Garsed (Nelson) - guitars 
Michael Den Elzen - guitars 
Larry Groves - keyboards 
Brian Hamilton (Air Supply) - bass, backing vocals 
Joe Imbroll - bass 
Robert Dillon (Colin Hay Band) - drums, percussion Steve Donald - drums 


Alex said...

thank you so much camelblue been waiting for this one for years thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great post as for me. I'd like to read something more concerning that theme. Thnx for sharing that data.

ksoupkeirn said...

let's try it, thanx

jstoyz said...

Great album my friend, and EXTREMELY rare. THANX :))

Patrick Groves said...

my dad is larry groves. if anyone is interested, i have one of 10 original run records given to the members of the band as pre-release. :) it's kinda cool to see people like the album.

Camelblue said...

@ Patrick Groves:
Hi there.
It's a great album.

Of course, I am interested.
Any band photos, press release, or new demo recordings are welcome.
Share with us here your father's stuff if you want to.


Patrick Groves said...

cheers, it is really cool to hear you enjoy the album. my favourite song is afraid to be afraid, specifically the intro and brett garsed's solo in the bridge.

i have heaps of band photo's, i also have a never released music video of adrian, my father and brett garsed for the song reach out. i think there's about 6 demo's on 8 track tape.

i'll try and get it onto youtube?

Patrick Groves said...

and if your interested my father is now a jazz presenter on 3MBS FM 103.5 here in victoria. :)


Camelblue said...

@ Patrick Groves :

Jazz presenter on FM? Interesting.
Is he still active as musician? I'm sure he is.
How about to transfer that 8 track tape to mp3 and upload it to a free host (megaupload or alikes) ? And post the link here.
Also the music video.
A lot people (including me) would be happy to hear these talented musicians -

Unknown said...

Where could I buy a cd copy of this? I have it on vinyl but I no longer have a turntable, so i'd like it on cd or digital download.

Camelblue said...

@ Aslan:
Out Of Print.
Found this CD in a bargain bin not so long ago.
You can download a free 320Kbps/mp3 copy clicking on ENJOY (orange link)

Unknown said...

You made my night. Thanks!
Yeah I bought the vinyl for $2 from Cunno's in 1991. At the time I judged the album by its cover, but I still remember it all now. =]

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