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JOHN VERITY - Truth Of The Matter (1985)

JOHN VERITY - Truth Of The Matter
Born in Bradford, England, John Verity has been in the musical business for five decades, fronting his own band and as part of numerous groups, recording and producing.

At the beginning of the '70s John was contacted by Rod Argent who was looking for new lead vocalist for his band ARGENT following the departure of Russ Ballard.
After 2 albums (produced by John) and intense touring, along with Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford from Argent, he formed PHOENIX.
The band recorded three successful albums (again, produced by him) and toured Europe supporting major acts.
In 1980, John and Bob joined CHARLIE, to record and produce their landing into the US market; 'Good Morning America'.
The next years were spent in recording studios, producing, playing guitar, or doing backup vocals with various acts including Motorhead, Saxon, Ringo Starr, Russ Ballard, Colin Blunstone.

With his own studio ready, the John Verity Band was reactivated, and with the former members of Argent and Charlie aboard, the result was 'Interrupted Journey', a guitar fueled rockin' album released in 1982, highly acclaimed in the UK.
After extensive tours in Europe & Scandinavia, they went into studio for the new album; 'Truth Of The Matter', described by John as "a mix of 'Live in the studio' material & standard studio creations".

Sounding more polished than debut, but still retaining the guitar driven AOR rock vibe, the good thing is the increased keyboard presence and mid-80's commercial songwriting style.
'Roll the dice' won't be out of place in a CHARLIE's or any LOVERBOY album of that era, while 'Lookin' for love' sounds like a song that FOREIGNER will be proud of.
'Keep a little love in your heart' has a WHITESNAKE-ish hard rock splendour, 'Honesty & emotion' again a LOVERBOY stamp (great keyboards & chorus), and 'Only in a dream' is an impressive mid-tempo AOR tune.

With some stellar guests (Mike Rutherford of Genesis wrote three songs) and solid production, this is a well rounded power AOR album, a highly recommended listen.
Rare CD edition completely remastered.

1 - Roll the dice
2 - Lookin' for love
3 - Hold on to love
4 - Keep a little love in your heart
5 - Who d'ya think your foolin'
6 - Honesty & emotion
7 - Only in a dream
8 - Ride the wind
9 - Stompin' ground
10 - No pretending

Guitars, Vocals : John Verity
Keyboards : Rod Argent, Andy Wells
Keyboards, Bass : Steve Thompson (Tygers Of Pan Tang)
Guitar, Backing Vocals : John Neil
Bass : Terry Uttley, Mike Rutherford (Genesis)
Drums : Bob Henrit, Steve Rodford, Paul Smith
Backing Vocals : Alan Silson, Chris Norman (Smokie)

JOHN VERITY - Truth Of The Matter


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Great Site!!

My request is

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Got many of your requests (and surely other readers can fill the others), but here is a section for it: REQUEST & FILL CORNER 4.
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