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KOOGA - Across The Water (1986) + single

KOOGA - Across The Water
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KOOGA were formed in the early eighties as PREACHER, a four piece guitar based blues/rock band.

Playing a mixture of original and cover numbers the band drew their influences from the likes of Free, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy.
In 1983 Guitarist Ian Palfrey was replaced by Keyboard player Neil Garland and a turn in musical direction led to a more keyboard based melodic rock sound.

The need to completely move away from cover material came in 1985 and a change of name and image quickly followed.
The name KOOGA and the partnership with management team Flying V Promotions saw the band move out of Wales and start touring the UK. After numerous sell out gigs at London's Marquee Club the band were creating a buzz in the then London controlled record business.
Unable to secure a deal with a British label they signed to Independent French label Black Dragon.

The release of the their debut album "Across The Water" in 1986 raised their profile higher by making the top ten charts of the NME and Kerrang magazines.
To strengthen the sound more and release Neville to concentrate on vocals a second guitarist was added to the band.

More sell out gigs at The Marquee Club got the band noticed enough to be asked to play the Reading Rock Festival in the summer of 1987. Great reviews of the festival followed but this was to be the last gig for this line up of the band.
Neil Garland and David Howells were replaced by a number of new musicians but apart from the re-release of the single "Don't Break My Heart" in 1988 the band lost their momentum and broke up in 1989.
Singer Neville MacDonald moved on to form the succesfull band SKIN with numerous top ten singles and chart albums.

This is a 320K rip from the bootleg CD edition. There's also an unauthorized re-release by UK label Krescendo Records, but as far I know, sounds exactly like this one.
Also included in the file, their last single, "Don't Break My Heart", produced by Lea Hart and released on the band’s own label.
An '80s classic hard to find @ this bitrate.

01 - Across The Water
02 - Lifeline
03 - Fall From Grace
04 - Lay Down Your Love
05 - Lockjaw
06 - She Walks In Beauty
07 - Gabrielle
08 - Like I've Never Known

"Don't Break My Heart" 1988 single

Side A - Don't Break My Heart
side B - Lay Down Your Love

Neville MacDonald - Guitar and Lead vocal
Neil Garland - Keyboards and backing vocals
David Howells - Bass guitar and backing vocals
Martin Williams - Drums
Gerwyn Howley - Guitar
Steve Colley - Bass
Tony Lambert - Keyboards

Across The Water

1988 single HERE


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thanks for the post...a real gem kinda mixture of british 80's heroes Magnum & Demon... cheers proggy

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gerwyn howley is my uncle!

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Gerwyn howley is my incle and im sure that he will love the fact that people are still listening to his music! :) thankyou all for caring :)

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A LOT of people are still listening to his music Kate.

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any chance for a re-up??? this band sounds great and would like to hear everything!

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I would love to download the Don't Break my heart... amazing band...

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