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RICK SPRINGFIELD - SDAA bonus CD Unreleased Stuff (2004)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - SDAA bonus CD Unreleased Stuff

As requested, more Springfield rarities.
His 'shock/denial/anger/acceptance' album was also released as a collector's package, including an extra CD with 17 bonus / unreleased tracks spanning Rick's career.

According to the press release back in the day:
" The LIMITED EDITION version of s/d/a/a is limited to 3500 numbered copies and hand signed by Rick!
Once they are gone, they're gone! No more will ever be produced! "

Seems they're gone now, so here it is.
I've added the bonus track from the main album (not present in the regular release), plus 'The Day After Yesterday' japanese bonus track and 'Venus In Overdrive' Best Buy exclusive songs.

Fans & collectors, grab this now...

1 - Love Screws Me Up (unreleased from Karma)
2 - Revolution Day (unreleased track from Karma)
3 - Rythym Of Love (unreleased '88 song)
4 - Her Body Makes Vows (unreleased track from Karma)
5 - Faithful (different version from the DVD)
6 - When You Dream (original song in EFX)
7 - Rhythm Of The Beat (extra verses)
8 - Forever (EFX version)
9 - Rock Of Life (home demo '86)
10 - Affair Of The Heart (home demo '82)
11 - Souls (home demo '82)
12 - Don't Talk To Strangers (home demo '81)
13 - Poison Pen (unreleased demo SHSMY)
14 - American Girls (live Troubadour '74)
15 - Fire Brigade (unreleased '74)
16 - Sweet Teaser (unreleased '74)
17 - Will I? (AC Radio Mix)

18 - Forever (bonus track rerecorded for SDAA sessions)
19 - Love Is The Answer (TDAY Japan bonus)
20 - My Generation (VIO Best Buy exclusive)
21 - Jessie's Girl -Acoustic- (VIO Best Buy exclusive)



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Awesome! Thanks! Now if I can just find Pretty Little Mess and the unreleased material from The Day After Yesterday Limited Edition!

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AWESOME POST!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I could not justify paying the outrageous price that this deluxe edition sold for, at the time of release, so thank you for posting this :)

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