Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.1 "The AOR Collection"

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.1 demos
Needless to describe MARK / MARCIE FREE pedigree.
An AOR icon, ex - King Kobra, Signal and now with the revamped Unruly Child.
During his / her career has spent a lot of time singing demos for various songwriters and artists in the music industry.

An active reader and contributor to this site, Mr. Plattenpapst from Germany, had the idea to compile the most significant Free's recordings into various volumes to share them with you all.
There will be 5 Volumes separated by genre, spanning all '80s / '90s works by Mark Free as session vocalist.
Only unreleased material, not the officially released (like 'Unruly Child - Basement Demos', for example)

Vol.1 is about the AOR recordings.
Most of these tracks were recorded at the time between Mark left King Kobra and formed Signal: '87/ '88 / '89.
Free was working as a driver for a courier service in L.A. and in the meantime he met songwriters Judithe and Robin Randall.
Once they hired Mark to sing their demos, they started telling all their other writer friends in California about his vocal duties and the phone started ringing.
"I needed the money really bad so I started singing demos for people. It really helped me to develop further my ability to sing in the studio and I was being paid for it", says Mark.

All the songs in this volume demonstrates the diversity, ductility and amplitude of Mark Free as performer.
You can hear also on some tracks Robin Randall's (and even Diana DeWitt) backing vocals.
"Your Wild Ways" was the first song Mark Free ever sang for the canadian songwriting team David Tyson / Christopher Ward.

Plattenpapst did the artwork, tracklist and song selection.
I just cleaned, edited and de-noised the tracks.
Hope you enjoy this 'joint-venture'.
Vol.2 : 'The Arkenstone demos', coming soon...

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures AOR

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.1


Juba.San said...

I recently interviewed - now - MARCIE FREE and we talked about this period and material. You can read it here:

Camelblue said...

Yeah, Juba's interview is great, don't miss it folks. Marcie / Mark rarely accept to be interviewed.

David Van Zant said...

Great both!!, interview and cd
I'm really looking forward the next volumes of this collection. The sound is awesome, THANKS!

Érico Moraes said...

Is it just me or the first song in this collection isn't the one named in the tracklist?

Thanks for all the great music you always provide us Camelblue =)

Camelblue said...

@ Erico:
You're right. I misplaced the file with another one.
File replaced and link updated.

Érico Moraes said...

Really thanks for the fix!

Gotta tell you your AOR Treasures CDs are a little bit famous around here (Brazil)... I've burned that for several friends and everybody always loves it! Thanks once again =)

Anonymous said...

Muchísimas gracias Camel/Plattenpapst, vuestro esfuerzo y generosidad para compartir el material de est@ impresionante vocalista, son muy apreciados, ansioso estoy ya por escuchar los próximos volúmenes.

Lo dicho, muchísimas gracias

Miguel Angel said...

El anterior mensaje era mío.

Camelblue said...

@ Miguel Angel:
Gracias por tus palabras Miguel Angel.

@ Erico:
Gracias por la informacion. Es un gran placer difundir esta musica.

501blues said...

It will be nice to have this compiled. Marcie Free is such a great vocalist. Thanks for the work you guys are doing on them.

Anonymous said...

Please someone has the song "can't give you up" from Mark Free demos?

lilly said...

thank you so much, you are

plattenpapst said...

@ all:
I'm happy you like the idea of this collection! It was a great pleasure to collect the files...and I'm sure there a lot more somewhere! Marcie said in a recent interview that she recorded about 300 (!!) songs so far - maybe we can add another edition later with the help from all of you!
Thanx camelblue, love our "joint ventures"!

Juan Carlos said...

Thanks to both mates!! I Really appreciate their invaluable effort. Rock On Guys!

cat said...

@ camelblue & plattenpabst
you really hot guys - much more please! thanx a lot

daz-a-cid said...

Muchísimas gracias por todo este material, para muchos la internet es la única vá posible para conocer este tipo de joyas.
Hacia tiempo esperaba algo de Mark/Marcie Free, y vaya sorpresa: nuevo album de Unruly Child, la compilación de rarezas y la entrevista de Juba.San. Muchas gracias a todos y especialmente a Camelblue.

Freeman said...

Thank you, Mr. Plattenpapst
Thank you to this Camelblue's Heaven blog.

Lord Pink Flower said...

Thanks for these Mark Free's jewels.
Congratulations for this blog.
Keep on Rockin'

Anonymous said...

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Master Records said...

Grande Érico! Slippery! 🤘🏼