Saturday, November 20, 2010

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.2 "The Arkenstone demo + Live"

This 2nd volume includes the never released recordings with New Age musician David Arkenstone plus some live tracks.
By this time, Arkenstone was experimenting with new tech tools to make music.
For this material, Pomp AOR oriented and fantasy themed, David hired the then unknown jingle-session man Mark Free to do the vocalizations. To my knowledge, these are Free's first professional recordings.

Particularly interesting are the bootleg live tracks with King Kobra, to clearly appreciate how powerfully Mark Free used to perform onstage. Just check the second half of 'Piece Of The Rock'.
I've done a pretty good job 'remastering' these tapes considering the source quality. I am very satisfied with the result.
Artwork, tracklist and song selection by Plattenpapst.
Vol.3 : 'The Ballads Collection', coming soon...

MARK FREE - Hidden Treasures Vol.2


plattenpapst said...

@ camelblue:
great job again - thanx for your "remastering"!!!

Miguel Angel said...

De nuevo Muchísimas gracias Camel/Plattenpapst, de verdad, vuestro esfuerzo y generosidad para compartir este material es digno de admiración. A ver en que con que nos sorprendeis con los próximos. de nuevo, muchísimas gracias.

David Van Zant said...

Como siempre genial trabajo!
La demo es genial y suena increible
Los temas en directo muy buenos también

abilio said...

mais uma vez um optimo trabalho da tua parte!! eu adoro MARK (marcie) FREE o melhor cantor aor de todos os tempos!!!! gracias amigo..abilio

Anonymous said...

thanks never heard of this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this -saw KK in concert many years ago on tour w/Autograph- Mark Free-what a voice!