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REFUGEE - Affairs In Babylon [vinyl rip] (1985)

REFUGEE - Affairs In Babylon [vinyl rip]
Thanks to Rocky Birboa for helping me to recover this original vinyl-rip

REFUGEE, the brainchild of Canadian songwriter / vocalist Myles Hunter (RIP), released this LP "Affairs In Babylon" in 1985 after an initial indie release under the moniker MICHAEL FURY.
You can read the story and get the album

REFUGEE's "Affairs In Babylon" wasn't released on CD until 2005 by a German label.
Unfortunately, they didn't take as a source the original master tapes, just a wasted & scratched vinyl, and also gently destroyed the original signal harmonics with a cheap processor.
That CD sounds terrible, a classic album like this deserves a better CD reissue.

From a pretty good vinyl rip (courtesy of troynew, thanks my friend), I've tried to get the best audio quality possible, de-crackling, de-clicking and de-noising the whole thing. To my ears, it sounds far better than the aforementioned German CD.
Tracks 1 & 2 are chained in the vinyl, I have left them as a single track to preserve continuity and avoid the typical mp3 gaps. Anyway, included into the file, are both as separated tracks as well: you choose.
320K including re-worked artwork.

01 - Affairs In Babylon
02 - Thunder Of Another Night
03 - Listen To Your Heart
04 - Hot Words *
05 - Dream On Anastasia
06 - Exiles In The Dark
07 - No Survivors, No Way Out
08 - Body To Body
09 - Here We Go Again *
10 - These Are The Good Times

Myles Hunter : Lead Vocals, Guitar
Rob Kennedy : Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Howard Helm : Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Martyn Jones : Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Doerner : Drums
Greg Bociek : add. Keyboards *

REFUGEE - Affairs In Babylon [restored audio] (1985) HERE


troynew said...

I thought you had forgotten all about this one...
Yes, a major improvement over that flawed, half-hearted MTM release.
Thanks again for the effort you've put in (and providing us with a less frustrating auditory experience).
You're so prolific with all this output on your blog it's unreal.
Let's face it, you're the Lana Lane of blogspots (only surpassed by Kissmar, but his reviews and complementary info are nowhere near as in-depth)!
Where do you find the time?!?!?

Anonymous said...

hey , i'm the guy from India clicking almost 40 times a day as mentioned earlier in the "1 Million" comment, i'm a working man too but where do i get the time to click so much , well i think its the passion which drives me , when at home at the pc , same at the office , cell phone on the go , well , same is with camelblue too i guess so or may be he is a rich man born with a silver spoon like stuff , but don't care as long as the passion remains we rock till we drop, u know there are only few people or country in world which truely recognizes melodic rock/AOR and they are loyal as am i as camelblue is , MHR & AORs on my mind, greetings from India.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is MUCH better than the CD sound. I had the LP, and it was indeed well recorded. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...


Strippoli said...

Hi link is dead. can you please repost this Refugee classic one sourced from vinyl? also Michael Fury AIB while we are on the subject, dead link too. thanks a lot in advance

Scooby said...

Link seems to be broken, please revise - thank you

Unknown said...

The new link doesn't work

Strippoli said...

Hi Camel the link is not working.....ciao

Rocky Birboa said...


Hi Camel and all here's a link to download your own rip of Refugee "AIB" which as you say in the entry you you can upgrade the main link and then erase this post once u have done it. cheers

Camelblue said...

@ Rocky Birboa :
You Rock mate. Thanks a million!
I will re-post the link with a long-lasting server, because Zippy expires soon.

Thanks again!