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JIM PETERIK - The Magical Pen (Camelblue's demo compilation)

JIM PETERIK - The Magical Pen (Camelblue's compilation) rare demos
JIM PETERIK is one of the living icons from the American Rock scene: member of AOR Gods Survivor, mastermind of Pride Of Lions and prolific songwriter. With his 'World Stage International Records" Peterik is constantly recording, to offer his own penned songs to other artists, publishing agencies and record companies.

I have compiled many of these unreleased demos (professionally recorded) entitling the pack "The Magical Pen", as indeed Peterik is like a songwriting magician. Jimbo sings lead vocals on a bunch, and there's a lot of talented vocalists and players joining him.
To wrap the whole package I did a nice little artwork, and you'll find a brief description on each file inside-tags, but take a look here as well if you are interested:

01 - Gutters Of Gold (duet with Jeff Boyle)
Demo of a song written for Sammy Hagar, featuring Chicago musician Jeff Boyle on the duet vocal. Sammy loved the song, but never recorded it. Joe Lynn Turner, of Rainbow and Deep Purple fame, did record it though for his 2009 Sunstorm album 'House Of Dreams'.

02 - Love Doesn't Get Any Stronger Than This (feat. Blue Miller)
This song features vocals by Nashville singer / songwriter / artist Blue Miller. Words and Music by Jim Peterik.

03 - Tears On The Pages (feat. John Melnick)
Song wrote with Jon Lind, of the Fifth Avenue Band way back when. Vocalist is the awesome John Melnick, formerly of the band Zazu. John sang as well on "Late Night Radio" also posted here. Joe Lynn Turner recorded this song on his Sunstorm project's album 'House Of Dreams'.

04 - Late Night Radio (feat. John Melnick)
The song was pitched to Kansas for their more AOR period back around the 'Drastic Measures' era (1983), but they passed. Words and music by Jim Peterik & John Melnick.

05 - Someone Else's Blues
Peterik performs alone (vocals, guitar, keys) on this demo song dedicated to his sister Janice right before she passed away in 1994. Words and Music by Jim Peterik.

06 - Heart Broker (duet with Cathy Richardson)
Unreleased demo, featuring a duet between Jim and Cathy Richardson, Chicago native female artist, lead singer in The Jefferson Starship.

07 - No Ordinary Miracle (feat. John Wetton)
A track co-written with John Wetton of King Crimson and Asia fame. This is the demo for the song that ended up on Wetton's 2001 'Sinister' album. Words and music by Jim Peterik & John Wetton.

08 - Deep End Of The Ocean (feat. Alice Peacock)
This song was written for the 1999 movie of the same name starring Michelle Pfeiffer, but not used. Vocal by a young Alice Peacock. Words and music by Jim Peterik.

09 - Tender Fire (feat. Jan James)
Lead vocals on this one are by Jan James, former lead singer of Chicago-based band Jewel Fetish. Drums are by the late Kyle Woodring. Words and music by Jim Peterik.

10 - The Day America Cried (feat. Johnny Van Zant)
Peterik wrote this song with Johnny Van Zant (the awesome AOR gem 'Van Zant' 1985) right after the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. Johnny called Jimbo in shock, and after talking for a while this song came out of that. It was released shortly thereafter as a benefit.

11 - Armageddon
Jim recorded this for the hit movie starring Bruce Willis but it wasn't taken. Six-string wizzard Dave Uhrich play a lot of the guitars on it as well.

12 - Holley (feat. Jim Ellison)
A song co-written by Jim Peterik and the late Jim Ellison of Material Issue. Beautiful tune with a very classic sound.

13 - Man Against The World (feat. Toby Hitchcock)
Promoter Paul Braun had asked Jim if there was any way to perform the song at an upcoming show as it was one of his favorite Survivor tracks. Jim asked Toby Hitchcock of Pride Of Lions to learn the song, which he did the day before the show.
The result was a powerful, raw performance. Given the fact that this was the first time Toby had ever sung the song with Jim, and he had only learned it the day before, nobody cared that there were a couple of bobbles. The overall soul of the song was what came shining through.

14 - Forever And A Day
Wrote by Jimbo in Miami years ago. Apart from Peterik, the performers on this beautiful ballad are unknown.

15 - Kick The Door Down (feat. Kelly Ferro)
Unreleased demo, written by Jim Peterik. His niece Kelly Ferro sang the vocal.

16 - Just For You (feat. Kelly Ferro)
Peterik wrote this song with his friend Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. REO did record it and it ended up a bonus track on "The Essential REO Speedwagon" compilation. Vocals on this original demo by Kelly Ferro.

17 - We Wish (feat. Jeff Boyle) [Live]
Recorded during the 2007 'County Stage / World Stage' acoustic show at the Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso, IN. Jim Peterik: guitars, Jeff Boyle: guitars & vocals, Chuck Soumar: percussion, Lisa McClowry: backing vocals.

18 - Christmas Morning
Composed and recorded by Jim Peterik for the fans as Christmas gift, featured at his website some time ago.

That's all folks, enjoy this rare & good material.

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JIM PETERIK The Magical Pen


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