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MICHAEL O'BRIEN - It's About Time! (2001)

MICHAEL O'BRIEN  It's About Time! (2001)
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Michael O'Brien had his moment at the end of the '80s when he sign a deal with a major label subsidiary to release his first solo album. 
The self-titled debut was a great solid AOR cd with killer tunes, being one of the ballads a minor hit.
At this point I should clarify that this Michael O'Brien is not the Christian artist with the same name.
He's overly often confused because the CCM singer also released his debut in 1995 self-titled, that's why 'our' O'Brien debut is also known as 'Oceana' (the subsidiary label name) to avoid misunderstandings.

The truth is that 'our' O'Brien disappeared as main artist from the face of Earth during the Nineties.
Seems Michael has concentrated his efforts as booking agent, songwriter & recording engineer in his own recording facility, and meanwhile tracking down on tape his music.

In 2001, after 11 years since his debut, "It's About Time!" was published via a very small indie label. The rockin' AOR is gone, this is a very mellow Adult Contemporary disc, mostly a ballad album.
"Change Your World", "I Never Let You Go" and "Thank God For You" are gentle AORish tunes with very nice guitars (acoustic and electric) and subtle keyboards. Think Nelson's 2nd album.
"The Angel For You", "So Far Away", "Why" are extremely soft ballads, really really light. On "Sacred Town" Michael goes for the acoustic style, while "Still On My Mind" is very poppy.
The remake of the Beatles' classic "Let It Be" is surprisingly good, isn't a song easy to cover successfully.

MICHAEL O'BRIEN  It's About Time! (2001)

"It's About Time!" is an album light as a goose neck feather, very calm and personal. Even the production is tiny (not thin) on purpose, giving to all instruments the necessary room to be clearly heard.
A real 'personal' recording: all songs & tracks performed, written (minus 1), produced, engineered & mixed by Michael O'Brien.
Some songs are simply beautiful.
As most indies out there, this is an extremely rare, out of print album.
Thanx to my friend totalaor for this one!

01 - Change Your World
02 - I Never Let You Go
03 - The Angel For You
04 - Let It Be
05 - With You
06 - So Far Away
07 - Still On My Mind
08 - Why
09 - Sacred Town
10 - Thank God For You

Michael O'Brien : Vocals, All instruments

MICHAEL O'BRIEN - It's About Time


troynew said...

"The rockin' AOR is gone, this is a very mellow Adult Contemporary disc, mostly a ballad album."

So basically the same story as with Mitch Malloy's 'Ceilings And Walls'? Which I still haven't heard to this day by the way, while his 'The Best Of' (2004) too mysteriously seems to have gone MIA from this useless paperweight I call a computer (subtle hint*).

*not implying you should buy me a new computer :oP, but I certainly wouldn't mind if you cared to post either of the aforementioned titles.

Anyways, thanks a lot once again for the req fill.

jstoyz said...

Thanx very much for this one...Reminds me of Bob Halligan, Jr. vis-a-vis the contrast in style b/n debut and F/U albums (though this CD absolutely rocks compared to Halligan's second effort)....Overall, this is a very nice and mellow album!

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