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ROXUS - ROXAS ; The Paris Sessions & More

ROXUS - ROXAS ; The Paris Sessions & More
Aussie band ROXUS fronted by singer Juno Roxas was without a doubt one of the best Melodic Rock acts ever emerged from Down Under. They only released a full length album, an EP and some singles, but all these include some real gems in the genre.
Someone requested here a supposedly 'unreleased 2009 album by Roxus', but it never existed, at least not recorded that year.

In 2010 vocalist Juno Roxas announced a series of shows in Melbourne and other Australian cities performing the band's classics and some songs written back in a day but never presented to the fans.
So there's no 'new 2009-10 album', but a bunch of great songs never heard / published before: "The Paris Sessions".
The title does not refer to the French city, these are demos recorded and produced under the supervision of AOR icon Jeff Paris tracked down in America at the beginning of the '90s, where Juno Roxas moved later to pursue a songwriter career.

Some of these tracks surfaced some time ago amongst collectors and fan websites, but I assure you not with this audio quality, besides we have here many songs never presented in the world wide web before.

Take as example the great Melodic Rocker "Love Me, Do Me" with a really Americanized sound, which somehow reminds me Damn Yankees. Or the re-worked long version of "Body Heat" (a winner) with the 'Jeff Paris treatment'.
Another rarity is the original demo of the band's biggest hit "Where Are You Now", featuring Robin Randall (Mark Free, Venus & Mars) and Steve Hopkins (Mark Free) on keyboards, while James Christian (House Of Lords) and the superb Diana Dewitt (Venus & Mars) did backing vocals. This version is far superior than the finally appeared in Roxus' album / single.

And we have more from the Paris Sessions: killer rocking, melodic unreleased tunes such as "What You Don't Know", "Stop Playing With My Heart" or "Invisible Man".
To make it more juicy, I have included into the file more rarities; the hard to find original '89 single version (Australia only) of "Stand Back", the b-side "Borderline", unreleased live versions of "Bad Boys" and "All Right Now" (Free cover) which I believe were recorded at MTV studios, and even a Juno Roxas' performance from the 1987 movie 'Mull' (never released soundtrack).
Very good stuff, a true collectors item directly from my archives.

01 - Love Me, Do Me (Jeff Paris session demo)
02 - What You Don't Know (Jeff Paris session demo)
03 - Invisible Man (Jeff Paris session demo)
04 - Body Heat [long version] (Jeff Paris session demo)
05 - Stop Playing With My Heart (J. Paris session demo)
06 - All The Way (Jeff Paris session demo)
07 - Don't Stop (Jeff Paris session demo)
08 - Where Are You Now (original demo ft. J. Christian)
09 - Borderline (Where Are You Now b-side)
10 - Stand Back (Aussie original '89 single version)
11 - Spaghetti Wire (unknown session)
12 - Body Heat (unknown session)
13 - Bad Boys (Live - unreleased)
14 - All Right Now (Live - unreleased)
15 - Juno Roxas Hold On (from the 1987 movie Mull)

ROXUS/ROXAS ; The Paris Sessions & More


JC_AOR said...

Wowzers, what a post!!! (-: Very cool. I'm a big Aussie AOR/MHR fan and I didn't even know about these sessions. That original version of 'Where Are You Now' is superb! Thanks so much for the share Camelblue, this has made my week... I won't be listening to anything else, that's for sure. Thanks again for sharing this with us (-:

Camelblue said...

@ JC:
My pleasure.
And thanks for your shares at REQUEST & FILL CORNER. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Same from me too...superb stuff that would have been lost in time if it weren't for you..

Juno Roxas said...

@ Camelblue please contact me by leaving a post on this thread thanks or messaging me @
Thank you

Camelblue said...

Hey Juno, nice to read you.
I don't have FB and don't post my email for spam reasons.
Any inquiries, feel free to expatiate here.

Freeman said...

Think it's done. but there's more.

More pleasure.

Thank you as always.

Amr said...

@Camel Blue
Thank you for This great post!!! i noticed the first Song (Love me, Do me) its a Remake of the Vixen Song : i Want you to Rock me) since Jeff Paris Was involved....(correct me if I'm Wrong)
anyhow since u added a lot of Juno Roxas Songs , i Really Wish to Locate the Single Song Only : TRS (the Relationship song from the Single Eternity)

Allan said...

Awesome!!! "Stop Playing With My Heart" and "Body Heat" are great and superb songs. Thanks for the post!

shaun said...

I have had these tracks for years, big fan.
I also have the 1994 Juno Roxus - Far From Here (original CD) album if anyone is interested in a Rip.
and 4 live tracks unrelated to this collection.

1 that girl
2 body heat
3 morning light
4 stand back

shaun said...

Unfortunately i dont have any cover art .
I bought the Juno CD in a second hand shop about 20 years ago CD only for $5

Camelblue said...

@shaun: Feel free to share your link here.

Rudio said...


I would like a rip of the original Juno Roxus CD ("1994 - Far From Here") that you own.
If you want you can post it in the "Request & Fill Corner" (see on the right side for the current page).

Thanks in advance.

Display Name said...

I saw these guys a few times waaaaay back then. Good shows. Your link is now very dead...any chance of a re-post?