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JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust (2001)

JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust (2001)
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JAR was a musical project born in Stockholm, Sweden during the '90s.

Musicians Jan Anderson and Anders Olsson started to record some of their songs in their own recording studio.
They needed a singer, and Ray Alex joined the project. Alex was the first vocalist of the legendary scandi AOR band Glory. He has recorded on the first two singles and also did the backing vocals on the band's "Danger In This Game".
Taking the first letters of their names, JAR born.

The album took several years to be finished, as they only could use the studio when it not was occupied. In the meantime, guitarist LE Ericsson joined the project.
There was until the year 2000 they decided to upload some material at, the now mythical site for promotion (the embryo of myspace).
JAR received a hot response by the public and interest for the band, and together with as 'label', released all their nineties recordings as "In Truth We Trust".

The style is classic melodic rock with dashes of european westcoast. There's a couple of ballads and various mid-tempos.
Ray Alex has a deep voice, sometimes in a 'crooner' mood. Anderson and Olsson are both accomplished multi-instrumentalists, with good taste and delicacy. Production (themselves) is a bit thin and cold, but you can find some good tunes here.
This CD was released in very limited copies and it's absolutely out-of-print.
A collector's item.

01 - Rain
02 - Grown Up In A City
03 - Hold On
04 - Seriously
05 - Love Is A Stranger
06 - Cowboy
07 - Dreamland
08 - Rosalie
09 - Hold U In My Arms
10 - Tears
11 - In Truth We Trust

Ray Alex: Vocals
Jan Andersson: Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Anders Olsson: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
LE Ericsson: Guitars

JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust


Janne Stark said...

Cool! Never heard of this band! Need to include them in the next encyclopedia!

Camelblue said...

@ Janne Stark:
Are you the swedish guitar player?

Janne Stark said...

Yepp, that's me :-)

Camelblue said...

@ Janne Stark:
Glad to help with your "The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal".
Keep Rockin' !

Janne Stark said...

Appreciated! Do you have the CD? Can you tell me the catalog number of it if so?
If you have any more tips, feel free to tell me :-)

Camelblue said...

@ Janne Stark :
Catalog number and all info available is on the artwork inside the file.
Try to contact this person : nickname mozillaguy, here:

Janne Stark said...

Yes, I just noticed :-). Great! I agree on your description of it. A little "cold" productionwise.