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FAR CORPORATION - One By One [single] (1987)

FAR CORPORATION - One By One [single] (1987)
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I bet you know the very good '85 cover of the classic 'Stairway To Heaven' by Far Corporation, the studio megaband created by record producer Frank Farian, including half TOTO members, ex-Saga drummer Curt Cress, Robin McAuley, etc. Their first album 'Division One' ranked well worldwide.
A second album 'Advantage' was completed for a 1987 release, heralded by the new single "One By One". Both this as well as the second single - a cover of Cockney Rebel's 'Sebastian' - failed to reach the charts, and the album was eventually scrapped.

"One By One" only was released on 45 rpm vinyl, and has become a rarity.
The song is a typical Far Co. produced tune, with bombastic drums and big choruses, penned and performed by Robin McAuley. It is labeled as 'Thunder + Lightning Mix', surely different from the upcoming album version. Curiously, this is the only version ever released as 'Advantage' remains shelved.
Side B is one of best songs from 'Division One'; "Johnny Don't Go The Distance", but this is the single version and the mix is different as well.

Not my rip, seems the vinyl was pretty wasted with tons of scratches. I did my best cleaning and restoring the sound.
Very Good (love Far Co.), mega-rare single.

Side A : One By One [Thunder + Lightning Mix]

Side B : Johnny Don't Go The Distance (single version)

Lead Vocals - Robin McAuley
Guitar - Bernd Berwanger, Mats Björklund
Keyboards - Harry Baierl, Pit Löw
Bass - Dieter Petereit
Drums - Simon Phillips
Backing Vocals - Bertl Gebhard, Bimey Oberreit, Frank Farian, Peter Bischof

FAR CORPORATION - One By One (single)


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there actually has been a second cd released, called Solitude. I have it, Sebastian is on it but not this song.


Camelblue said...

@ Wil:
You're right, "Solitude" includes some re-recorded tracks from the unreleased 'Advantage', and a new version of 'Sebastian' (not the same from the '87 single).

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Thank you! :-)

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Many thanks, been after this one for years

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