Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MEGHAN - ST [mini LP] (1987)

MEGHAN mini LP (1987)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

This miniLP (only vinyl) was requested many months ago, and finally I found the time to restore the audio.

There's not much info about Meghan, but this independently released vinyl speaks for itself: the gurl is a rocker, and a good one.

With a very good production & mix, "Meghan" offers 6 quality American Melodic Hard Rock songs with an edge.
Meghan has great voice with a timbre similar to earlier Ann Wilson, while the
guitar sound is enrolled in the style of '80s Vitto Bratta (White Lion) and alikes.
"Don't Think Twice" and "Suicidal Lover" are melodic yet powerful, the hardest side is represented on the stomping "Radio Man", "I Don't Want To Know" and the intense riffage of "Head Over Heels", while "Well Of Souls" (preceded by the beautiful intro "Pour Puits Des Ames") mixes a midtempo pace with rockin' moments.

Pretty unknown for most HR/MR fans, "Meghan" is a truly fabulous miniLP with a very good production & mix, offering 6 quality American Melodic Hard Rock songs with an edge.
Vinyl-rip cleaned & enhanced by me. Enjoy.

1 - Don't Think Twice
2 - I Don't Want To Know
3 - Head Over Heels
4 - Suicidal Lover
5 - Pour Puits Des Ames / Well Of Souls
6 - Radio Man

Meghan: vocals, synths
Rowland McDaniel: guitars
Jacques Moriaring: guitars
Rick Eagle: bass
Scott Sherman: drums
Jack Gleason: bass on 4
Raine & Jenny Wallace: vocals on 5

MEGHAN mini LP - 1987


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to restore the audio my friend..
Really grat album here...

troynew said...

Well, I swore I wouldn't hold my breath when I requested this, but somehow I still ended up so blue in the face that Blue Man Group turned me down for taking it to prepostorous extremes.
Now that you've come through for me at the 11th hour, I can safely resume the laborious practice of inhaling and exhaling air at regular intervals.
On behalf of my oxygen-deprived brain, much obliged for a most timely request fill. :o)

Wail said...

Please can you reup