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ANDY QUNTA - Legend In A Loungeroom + bonus [remaster 2004]

ANDY QUNTA - Legend In A Loungeroom + bonus [remaster 2004]
Andy Qunta (pronounced 'Kunta', with the 'u' sounding like in 'book') is a British keyboard player, songwriter, vocalist and part-time guitarist.
He has played with many successful artists in England, then moved to Australia in 1982 to join the popular band Icehouse, co-writing one of their biggest hits; 'Crazy'.

Qunta is a respected songwriter providing services for many major artists. In example, he co-wrote 'You're The Voice', which has since become something of an anthem since John Farnham had a worldwide #1 hit with it, and songs for the Manfred Mann's Earth Band (penned together with Chris Thompson).
By 1988, Andy ink a contract for a solo album, "Legend In A Loungeroom", recorded in Los Angeles with renowned session musicians.

The first single (and video) "Thing About You" got massive airplay in Australia, but legal wrangles with Executive Producers caused the project to be shelved. Without Qunta's approval, the album was finally released in Germany.
"Legend In A Loungeroom" is a really good album plenty of light AOR moments and classy rock & pop tunes, alternating uptempo tracks with breezy midtempos & ballads, all very well composed, played and produced with a shiny '80s sound.
The style reminds me Tom Kimmel, Brian Spence and eighties Glen Burtnick, with a touch of his former band Icehouse on the more radio-rock oriented tunes. Qunta may not have the strongest voice in the world, but his melodic timbre is warm and pleasant.

ANDY QUNTA - Legend In A Loungeroom original cover
original release cover

"Legend In A Loungeroom" isn't hard to find in the blogosphere, but I never seen this remastered 2004 version (by himself) including as bonus two tracks not present in the original release. Also features a different artwork, and all the CD copies were sold autographed.
Truly enjoyable.

01 - Take Me Home
02 - Come Back Baby
03 - Thing About You
04 - Waiting For The Storm
05 - Tightrope
06 - Sooner Or Later
07 - Empty Words
08 - Free The Bird
09 - Take This Heart
10 - Legend In A Loungeroom
11 - These Are The Days (bonus track)
12 - Midnight (bonus track)

Andy Qunta: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Tim Pierce: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Tony Qunta: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jeff Skunk Baxter (Doobie Bros, Steely Dan): Guitar
Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd): Bass, Fretless
Denny Fongheiser (Heart, Eric Martin): Drums
Scott Page (Robert Tepper, Marilyn Martin): Sax
Steve Milbacher: Keyboards, String arrangements
Paulinho da Costa: Percussion
Gary Falcone (Jason Scheff, Stan Bush): Background Vocals
Joe Pizzulo: Background Vocals

ANDY QUNTA: Legend In A Loungeroom + bonus


adrian666 said...

This one is quite interesting, thanks a lot camelblue.
The first song "Take Me Home" sounds really familiar during my 1st listen... I immediately remember John Waite also recorded a version of this song, it's slightly different but you can tell it is the same song. It's available on the LIVE & RARE TRACKS compilation (2001)

Unknown said...

I have never seen a copy of the original German release of Lounge room, either on vinyl or CD. Supposedly my name (Geoff Logsdon) is listed in the "thank you" section on the sleeve (or booklet). Can you possibly tell me if this is true? Thanks!