Tuesday, October 20, 2020

FAIR WARNING (USA, Ohio) - ST (1981) + demos

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Ohio's band LaFlavour were formed by twin brothers Pete and Steve Nervo (guitar and drums) - still in college - at the end of the sixties, enrolled in the Motown-Soul style. By the end of the seventies the band released their debut 'Mandolay' scoring two moderate singles in the Dance/Disco chart.
With certified success under their belts, La Flavour was signed to MCA records, who thought it wise change their musical approach to the raising radio rock which started to dominate the airwaves.

In 1981 MCA changed the band's name to FAIR WARNING and bring producer Mark Avsec (of Breathless and Donnie Iris fame) to record the band's debut album under this new moniker. Actually, Avsec wrote all the tracks and conducted the arrangements very much in the Donnie Iris style.
"Fair Warning" included a potential hit single penned by Avsec titled "She Don't Know Me". However, an upcoming band from New Jersey called Bon Jovi were recording their first album for Mercury Records at this time and needed a strong debut single, so "She Don't Know Me" was selected for them. This label executive move ruined the chances of the song being pushed as a single for Fair Warning.

Additionally, 1981 also saw the recording and release of a new album by Van Halen coincidentally titled 'Fair Warning', creating even more problems regarding the chosen new band's name and musical format change.
MCA eventually shelved the "Fair Warning" album and it was never properly released beyond the initial promo copies which now are rare and really hard to find.

"Fair Warning" is a good recording, as said, in the Donnie Iris style with some very early Toto / REO Speedwagon touches, good harmony vocals and tight rhythm.
To be honest, this album does not much for me, but it was requested by a reader and is tough to find, that's why it is presented here.
It's a mixed bag, featuring good early '80s AOR tunes and just correct rock&pop songs with a twist including some horns here and there. I added a bunch of demos stored in my archives as "the same Ohio band who recorded the song "She Don't Know Me". I don't know if this is correct... anyway, it's a more rocking material.

01 - She Don't Know Me
02 - I Wanna Be Your Lover
03 - Night And Day
04 - South Of The Border
05 - He's So Bad
06 - Watchin' Katie Dance
07 - The Shadows Of Your Mind
08 - Just Send An S.O.S.
09 - Goodnight My Dear
10 - Jealous Fool (demo)
11 - I Need Your Love (demo)
12 - Help Me (demo)
13 - Strangers (demo)
14 - Runaway (demo)

Craig DeBock - Vocals, Guitar, Horns
Peter Nervo - Guitar
Steve Nervo - Drums, Vocals
Gino Milchak - Bass, Vocals
Rick Dotin - Keyboards, Vocals
Rusty Bretz - Guitar



KISSMAR said...

gracias!!!! gem !!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the demos are
from a completely different band
that released a demo record
in 1988 called "Cruising the Ozone"

Anonymous said...

It is a different band. The other Fair Warning is from Maryland? I'm pretty sure that's where they're from if i remember correctly.

T.P said...

Although I still prefer Bon Jovi's punchier approach to She Don't Know Me, the more lighthearted variant offered three years earlier by Fair Warning still has more than enough excitement within its musical core to be among my favourite alternate versions of songs that once became my personal evergreens. :-)

Thanks for posting this - thanks to the added demos - even more rare piece of rock history, Camelblue!

Bye for now,

sipi said...

Sorry, but the link doesn't work

sipi said...

The folder is empty, there is no album

T.P said...

The provided Uploaded link reachable via clicking at FAIR WARNING (USA 1981) + demos __ HERE works formidable, sipi.

Bye for now,

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