Friday, August 31, 2012

KC ROSE - ST (1992)

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KC ROSE also known as Kansas City Rose was a Swiss melodic hard rock founded in the late eighties by experienced singer Mark B. Lay (ex- Killer). The man not only has sung in several groups, Lay has also produced many bands in his own country and North of Italy.
Under his baton KC Rose recorded and released privately their sole self titled album in 1992. This 6-track CD includes very well written and played Euro Melodic Hard Rock songs with pulsating guitars and pretty keyboard infused.

Sound and style recalls Swedes Mi.lli.on and KCR countryman Satrox, but they also show a more melodic side in the vein of Dalton, DaVinci and early TNT, with a touch of some American bands.
Production is as good as it gets for an indie release, correctly recorded and mixed. Judging the quality of the songs, musicianship and year, it's quite strange that they couldn't find a label to back up their work.
A rare piece for which rabid collectors have paid ridiculous prices.
(Note: this isn't the poor copy seen on some forums, this one sounds good)

1 - History Should Bring Us Higher
2 - Hunt 'N Madness
3 - We Don't Know What Will Follow
4 - Kansas City Rose
5 - Big Fat Kings
6 - Diana

Mark B. Lay: vocals
Winy Wohlwend: guitars
Meinrad Hertmaner: keyboards
Beat Gisler: bass
Tommy Pfiffner: drums

KC ROSE 1992


Anonymous said...

Not to be pokey, but M.Ill.Ion is from Sweden, not Germany

Antonio said...

Thanks for this post. Great Hard'n'Heavy songs.

Camelblue said...

My mistake... from Sweden yes.
Thanks for the correction