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HERO (Denmark) - Hero (1986)

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From Kalundborg, Denmark, HERO was founded in 1982. The band started to play the typical NWOBHM of the era, recording two demos distributed locally.
Circa the mid-eighties they changed their style to a more commercial hard 'n heavy / melodic rock adding a permanent keyboardist.

Signed by Vertigo, Hero released their self-titled debut in 1986.
We have here that unmistakable Scandinavian '80s sound focused on strong guitars and vocals peppered with AOR synths all over.
However, Hero's music is slightly more edgy than the bands of the same period, with more in common to Norwegians TNT. Their style also reminds you Pretty Maids on many places, not strangely drummer Michael Fast joined the Danish rock institution later in 1991.

"Race And Revel", "Illusions Of Yesterday", "Masquerade", "You're A Hero", "Land Of Tomorrow", all are good, rockin' exponents of the band's style, very well produced by Nils Henriksen with a crunchy and crisp sound.
Hero disbanded in '88, as said Michael Fast joined Pretty Maids and keyboardist Bo Brinck went to form Harlot (later Savage Affair).
Never released on CD, this is a really fine vinyl-rip cleaned by myself.

01 - You're A Hero
02 - Race And Revel
03 - Land Of Tomorrow
04 - We Came To Rock
05 - Masquerade
06 - Jealousy Kills
07 - Now We Play To Win
08 - Illusions Of Yesterday
09 - Turning Out A Star

Steen Larsen: Lead & backing vocals
Bo Brinck: Keyboards, backing vocals
Johnny Thomas: Guitars, backing vocals
Peter Fernando: Guitars, backing vocals
Rik Jensen: Bass & shout
Michael Fast: Drums, percussion & shout

HERO (Denmark) 1986


Barış Silay said...

Man this album rules. Like most scandi AOR of that time, it oozes technology and precision without losing none of that vintage passion, bite and edge. This is truly a minor classic for me, sound is so professional like i'm listening a californian production. Great powerful AOR with a slight metal edge to it, gotta love it.

Camelblue said...

@ Barış Silay :
Glad you like it.

Unknown said...

ty for the share

Anonymous said...

please re-upload, or unblock the link?
It says "This website / URL has been blocked from"