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TERI DeSARIO - Caught (1980)

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TERI DeSARIO started her recording career after Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) saw her performing in a club in 1977 and was impressed by her voice.
Signed by Casablanca Records, Teri released two disco / soul LP's with minor success.
Then the label and her new management (including producer Bill Purse, later her husband) decided to completely change Teri's musical direction, turning to the raising female fronted melodic rock movement led by the likes of Pat Benatar and Heart.

DeSario's 'debut' in the genre was meticulously thought, hiring the most renowned names in the genre for the occasion.
They secured Humberto Gatica as engineer, top songwriters such as Joey Carbone, Desmond Child, Richie Zito, Tom Keane, and the best L.A. session players.
The list is impressive, including Mike Landau, Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro, Ritchie Zito, David Foster, Mike Baird, James Newton Howard and more...
So you know what to expect here: quality.
The songs in "Caught" range from melodic rockers (some with a real edge, specially the guitars) to ballads and radio pop-rock, all crowned by Teri's phenomenal vocal range. The only track that looks unnecessary is the Lennon / McCartney penned "I Should Have Known Better", but it isn't a bad version at all.

"Caught" was really hard to find for many years. This is good vinyl-rip with audio restored by me. If want a CD copy, it has been recently re-issued by Rock Candy records.
Really Good stuff.

01 - Caught
02 - Time After Time
03 - I'm With You Now
04 - Standin' On The Edge
05 - Hittin' Below The Belt
06 - I've Got A Secret
07 - All I Wanna Do
08 - I Hate You
09 - I Should Have Known Better

Teri DeSario: Vocals
Mike Landau: Guitars
Richie Zito: Guitars
Steve Lukather: Guitars
John Pierce: Bass
Dennis Belfield: Bass
David Foster: Synthesizer, Keyboards
Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer
James Newton Howard: Synthesizer
Steve Porcaro: Synthesizer
Bill Purse: Keyboards
Mike Baird: Drums
Carlos Vega: Drums
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Tom Kelley, Jim Haas, Bruce Hornsby, John Joyce, Jeannie Campbell, Joey Carbone, Teri DeSario

TERI DeSARIO - Caught 1980


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The video song is a killer....will have to check the whole
Thanks for this...

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Thank you very much!!

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I just found your Blog and I've D/L'ed Teri DeSario's album, sounds good thankyou very much for posting it. cheersJeffH

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always reminded me of Lori Spee.

troynew said...

Lori is a great American/Dutch singer, but couldn't be further from AOR. Only does sophisticated (soft) pop as far as I know.

troynew said...

PS: If you mean lookswise, yeah, they have similar haircuts but Teri is not as pretty. :o)

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Sound quality sucks

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Teri DeSario - All I Wanna Do (HQ)