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BRETT WALKER - Person 2 Person [unreleased] (1989)

BRETT WALKER - Person 2 Person [unreleased] (1989)
This is a revamped post from years ago, per request. Myself made compilation and not available anywhere.
Get it while it's hot...

Oklahoma native Brett Walker has recorded one of the most adorable pure AOR albums in history, the critically acclaimed 'Nevertheless' in 1994.
But he started his passion for this genre many years ago.
At his twenties, moved to L.A to play on Tahnee Cain's band and Nick Gilder amongst other well respected artists.
Besides, becoming a professional songwriter, Brett wrote two charting singles; one for Jimi Jamison ('Taste Of Love') and the other for Alias: the classic 'Waiting For Love', which entered the Top Ten chart.

At the end of the eighties formed together with drummer Tommy 'Mugs' Cain (Journey's Jonathan Cain brother) the "Person 2 Person" project.
In fact, this name was given to the demo tape of the band - looking forward to a record deal - distributed hand-to-hand, 'person-to-person'.

"Person 2 Person" demos have been circulating for years between AOR collectors. Some of these tracks ended (properly re-recorded) on Walker's debut, but the rest are awesome tunes that deserved to heard.
The sound quality is fine, I have cleaned and enhanced all files for your listening pleasure.
Really good stuff.

Tracklist, CLICK HERE:

BRETT WALKER Person 2 Person '89


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for Brett

Chris Edgar said...

Sounds like great stuff -- I especially dig the chorus. Definitely a "Be Good To Yourself" influence there.

Marcel Torres said...

Thanks, Camelblue!

lilly said...

GOOOD taste as always