Tuesday, February 12, 2013

C.I.T.A. - Act 1 Relapse Of Reason [Japanese reissue +4] (1999)

A reader requested the very first recordings by the Denver, Colorado band originally known as CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Not officially released and very rare, those pre-production demos are a collector's item.
But I think it's a better idea - first of all - to present on this blog this very good nineties Melodic Hard Rock band through their debut "Act 1 Relapse Of Reason".
And even better, with the 1999 Japanese reissue [TOCP-50777] featuring bonus tracks plus an extra by myself.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT was discovered in 1989 by AXE's guitarist Bobby Barth via his manager based in Colorado. Barth agreed to produce their pre-production demo and show it to labels.
A2Z Records from England was chosen and Bobby Barth also produced the band's debut "Act 1: Relapse Of Reason" released in 1995. But due to legal reasons in Europe the combo was forced to change their name to simply C.I.T.A.
Note that this Japanese reissue sports the band's original full name on the cover, as well as the acronym.

Musically "Act 1: Relapse Of Reason" is a fine compendium of melodic, sometimes sharp guitars, aural keyboards and excellent vocal harmonies. Their elaborated Melodic Hard Rock constantly flirts with the elegant side of AOR, and even in a couple of tracks with progressive elements.
Their sound and style is a mix between Honeymoon Suite, Loverboy, House Of Lords and Def Leppard, the latter especially due the terrific vocal arrangements on the choruses.
Though, C.I.T.A. has their own personality combining these influences with class expertly conducted by Barth behind the desk.
All songs are good, including the two covers of AXE "Steal Another Fantasy" and "Silent Soldiers", and the STAN BUSH co-penned power ballad "Two Hearts".

This Japanese reissue includes 4 bonuses recorded in Germany featuring a different approach in the arrangements plus one song later appeared in the band's 2nd disc.
I have added another curious track as bonus; "If I Loose This Feeling", only appeared in a compilation from their posterior European label. This track was recorded under other moniker: 'Fuegos Del Mundo', because the inclusion of some latin percussions and Spanish guitar differs from the usual style of C.I.T.A. Really interesting track, some kind of Journey meets Santana.
Inspired MHR / AOR stuff with a refreshingly original approach. The rare pre-production recording coming soon...

01 - Everytime (I Close My Eyes)
02 - Through The Years
03 - Stand Or Fall
04 - Two Hearts
05 - These Eyes
06 - No Heroes
07 - Relapse Of Reason
08 - Steal Another Fantasy
09 - The Fall
10 - Who Will You Run To
11 - Changes
12 - Silent Soldiers
Japanese Bonus Tracks
13 - Heat Of Emotion (live)
14 - Trough The Years (live)
15 - Relapse Of Reason (live)
16 - These Eyes (live)
Extra Bonus Track
15 - If I Loose This Feeling (as Fuegos Del Mundo)

Danny Martinez: lead vocals, guitar
Anthony 'Antz' Trujillo: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Joe Marone: bass, vocals
Troy Benson: drums, percussion, vocals

C.I.T.A. - Act 1 Relapse Of Reason



Anonymous said...

Cool to have the bonuses...thanks again for the share

Camelblue said...

You're always there my friend.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with these guy? They vanished completely

Chris Edgar said...

Fun stuff -- the lead singer, and the use of the talk box, remind me a bit of early Bon Jovi, but I can see the mild progressive elements you mention too.