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PRiSM - Small Change [remastered + bonus] (1981)

PRiSM - Small Change [remastered + bonus] (1981)
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PRiSM were one of Canada's AOR pioneers for sure. The band never found a stable line-up, but all their recordings are prime examples of quality melodic rock, with an accentuated AOR inclination with each record released.
In 1981, presumably by the band's new label (Capitol) wishes, original singer Ron Tabak was fired, replaced by Henry Small for the 6th album wisely entitled "Small Change".
It was not only a change at the mic, but also in the general musical approach, more commercial and radio friendly AOR.

For this matter, external songwriters and future super stars were brought in, like Jim Vallance & Bryan Adams contributing the lead single "Don't Let Him Know", a wonderful fluffy AOR tune with a killer chorus. Both Vallance & Adams also wrote the brilliant AOR ballad "Stay", very much in the REO Speedwagon style.
"Turn On Your Radar" is classic, lightweight CanCon mid-tempo AOR, the punchy "Hole In Paradise" is pure Melodic Rock Heaven, and "Rain" a dreamy ballad with great atmosphere.

The Bruce Turgon (later in Shadow King and Foreigner) penned AOR rocker "Heart And Soul" keeps you moving with style, in the intense "When Love Goes Wrong" Henry Small sounds like a young Mark Free, while Prism does a very cool rocking rendition on Jimmy Rodgers' "In The Jailhouse Now".
The album ends with the Foreigner / Sheriff sounding semi-ballad "Wings Of Your Love", adorned with pianos and nice bluesy guitars.

PRiSM - Small Change [remastered + bonus] (1981) back cover
Although it scored a couple of US Top40 singles and went platinum in Canada, "Small Change" incredibly wasn't properly released on CD by Capitol years after.
The now defunct -and great- German label ATM picked up the challenge and released this (and follower 'Beat Street') on CD for the first time in 1997 (there's also a Renaissance reissue) including 6 bonus tracks.

These are the prev. unreleased "Cadillac Club", the rocking "N-N-N-No!" from the previous recording and four alternate takes / mixes from the main album. Honestly, I hear few differences, the most noticeable are the louder guitars on "Heart And Soul".
All are included here in my file, but the main "Small Change" is ripped from the rare promotional only, special limited edition, remastered version. There's only few copies of this one on vinyl and CD.

Limited Edition remastered:
01 - Don't Let Him Know
02 - Turn On Your Radar
03 - Hole In Paradise
04 - Rain
05 - When Will I See You Again
06 - Heart And Soul
07 - Stay
08 - When Love Goes Wrong
09 - In The Jailhouse Now
10 - Wings Of Your Love
ATM label bonuses:
11 - Cadillac Club
12 - When Will I See You Again (Alt. Version)
13 - Heart Ans Soul (Alternate Version)
14 - Stay (Alternate Version)
15 - Rain (Alternate Version)
16 - N-N-N-No!

Henry Small: vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Lindsay Mitchell: guitar, vocals
Allen Harlow: bass
Rocket Norton: drums

PRISM Small Change remastered



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