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DONNIE MILLER - One Of The Boys (1989)

DONNIE MILLER - One Of The Boys (1989)
DONNIE MILLER is some kind of mystery. This very good singer, guitarist & compser released "One Of The Boys" in 1989 and then disappeared without notice.
Judging the quality of the album, easily he could have been a star in the American melodic rock scene at the end of the eighties / early nineties.
Some big names appear contributing on the recording; Lance Quinn producing (Danger Danger) and playing guitar, former Shooting Star bassist Norm Dahlor, and the great Tommy Shaw co-writing and singing some backing vocals. Even pop-star Cyndi Lauper provides some harmonies.
Talking about Shaw, the overall sound, style and feeling on "One Of The Boys" strongly reminds me his superb solo album "Ambition", so expect a polished and melodic delivery here.

DONNIE MILLER - One Of The Boys (1989)  back cover

Catchy '80s Melodic Rock rhythms are the motto in such numbers as "Normal Guy [I Want Sex]", the chorus-heaven of "I Can't Stop Flying" and the Tommy Shaw meets John Parr "Blind Man's Bluff". More straight radio friendly / soundtrack-like rockers can be heard on title track "One Of The Boys", "The Man Said No" and the anthemic "You Can't Stop Emotion" (some Damn Yankees feel here).
On the AOR side of things, "Me And You" is a great midtempo-ballad full of '80s magic, "The Devil Wears Lingerie" has that stylized sound typical of the era with that particular beat and mysterious atmosphere, "No Time For Running" offers a steady, lovable synth line, while closer "Welcome Home" is one of the highest points on the album.
Compelling, underrated Melodic Rock / AOR album in the best American tradition.

01. One Of The Boys
02. Normal Guy [I Want Sex]
03. I Can't Stop Flying (feat. Cyndi Lauper)
04. Me And You
05. The Devil Wears Lingerie
06. The Man Said No
07. Blind Man's Bluff
08. No Time For Running
09. You Can't Stop Emotion
10. Welcome Home (feat. Tommy Shaw)

Donnie Miller - vocals, guitar
Lance Quinn (Danger Danger, ArcAngel) - guitar
Kurt Carow - keyboards
Norman Dahlor (Shooting Star) - bass
Tim Kix Kelly - drums
Lane Brock, Vince Kirk - additional guitars
S.M.K. Quinn - additional keyboards
Cyndi Lauper - guest backing vocals
Tommy Shaw - songwriting, guest backing vocals



lilly said...

Great.........what else?


Tim kelly was Slaughter's guitarist,sadly died.anyway,thanks for the album!

Camelblue said...

You're right. Drummer is in fact Tim 'Kix' Kelly, same name from Slaughter guitarist. Confusion happened, even in specialized media, due the New Jersey origin of both musicians. Thanks for the correction.

Unknown said...

Great album, and "Normal Guy", that song is incredible, lyrics and everything

Anonymous said...

Donnie is alive and well playing blues in Nashville

JG said...

Brand new album is available! "New Kind of Love" is going to be a huge hit single.

Unknown said...

This is THE MAN himself...Donnie Miller...I have been living in Nashville the last 14 years & have done 3 more albums since this one. Only 1 is available tho...on iTunes,Amazon & many other digital outlets. Just search "Donnie Miller/My name is Kerry Duane Johnson"...thank you all for your kind words...and...RUMORS OF MY DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED!#stillaliveandkickin

Anonymous said...

I can vouch - Donnie/Kerry is alive and kicking out the blues every week in Nashville. I used to live in Memphis, spent a lot of time on Beale, especially at BB's, and I'm telling you this man can keep up with any of the greats, and yet brings a unique styling that puts a fresh taste on blues that I just love.

Unknown said...

I wish you call and give Gayle and I a contact number. Dale Schuster