Tuesday, June 25, 2013

EMERGENCY - Boys Will Be Boys (1993)

EMERGENCY - Boys Will Be Boys (1993) HQ
EMERGENCY arrived a bit too late to the European Melodic Hard Rock scene as their rockin' "Boys Will Be Boys" CD saw the light in 1993, but well worth the wait considering the quality on offer here.
Things were delayed because the band leaded by guitarist Pierre Bordén didn't found the proper singer until they met talented Spanish-born Jose Antonio Manzano (Banzai, Niagara, Zero), a terrific shouter in the vein of David Coverdale.
Though the band come from Basilea, Switzerland, the album was developed, recorded and produced in Germany, so it's not surprise that "Boys Will Be Boys" has a strong Teutonic MHR sound with sharp guitar flurries, a punchy rhythm section, profuse keyboard injections and catchy choruses also akin some Scandinavian acts like Treat.

EMERGENCY - Boys Will Be Boys (1993) back cover

We have top class Melodic Hard Rock cuts here as "Give It Up", "Tell Me", "Walk In My Shadow" and "Talkin' Bout Love", the Scandi-AOR influenced "Don't Look Back" (a personal favorite), "Movin´", "Tell Me" and the synth driven "Love Shot", a semi-midtempo anthem in title track "Boys Will Be Boys", and of course a fantastic piano-ballad in the form of "Nights Are So Long". Production is excellent, shiny, crystal clear.
Long time out of print, "Boys Will Be Boys" was resurrected some years ago in a limited 1000 copies reissue -apparently remixed and remastered- but this is a rip at maximum quality from the original CD edition shared with us by a friend of mine: NitdeRock, so thank you in spades mate.
A must have in any serious MHR/AOR collection.

01 - Boys Will Be Boys
02 - Movin'
03 - Don't Look Back
04 - Nights Are So Long
05 - Give It Up
06 - Blackeyed Jennie
07 - Tell Me
08 - Talkin' Bout Love
09 - Never Stop Lovin´ You
10 - Love Shot
11 - Walk In My Shadow

Jose Antonio Manzano - lead & backing vocals
Pierre Borden - guitars
Tommy Patrick - keyboards, backing vocals
Andy C. Vale - bass
Ronny O'Riot - drums

EMERGENCY Boys Will Be Boys HQ


Bohond said...

Well, I think you should also upload the Dutch Emergency here.
Their only album "Martial Law" is a classic (and a collector's item) too.
Just for fun, and to make clear that these two are absolutely NOT the same band.
If by chance you need it, let me know. I got the original.


Camelblue said...

@ Bohond:
Oh, that would be great. Only got EMERGENCY - Martial Law at 192K. If you can do it complete with scans, even better.

Bohond said...

I will rip it @320 for ya, and scan the artwork.
Would be fun to post it here in the main too, wouldn't it?

(if you want it lossless, that's possible too of course).

Wich uploader can you recommend? (upload.net doesn't work for me)

Bohond said...

I sent it to your gmail

Unknown said...

Great CD with a Spanish frontman, 100% hardrock