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NORIYUKI MAKIHARA - Songs From N.Y. (2007)

NORIYUKI MAKIHARA - Songs From N.Y. (2007)
As requested, here's the other Noriyuki Makihara's 'American WestCoast Ttribute' CD released simultaneously in 2007: "Songs From N.Y.", presented many years ago on this blog.
Again the 'who is who' from the WestCoast / AOR scene were recruited to perform Makihara (Japanese songwriter) songs translated to English, this time arranged with a 'New Yorker feeling'.

Now we have Peter Beckett (PLAYER), Alex Ligertwood (METRO), Kelly Keagy (NIGHT RANGER), Richard Page (Mr. MISTER) and Mark Jordan amongst other lead singers, accompanied by talented session musicians not only from the Californian scene, but also from Nashville and New York.
Production and performances are top notch, a relaxing album to enjoy these gifted voices and light AOR / smooth WestCoast / poppy songs.
Japan release only - Out Of Print

01 - Tom Keane: Star Ferry
02 - Nathan East: 24hr Supermarket
03 - Frankie Jordan: Such A Lovely Place
04 - Alex Ligertwood: Far Away, Far Away
05 - Stephen Bishop: Anytime I Want To
06 - Bill Cantos: Milk
07 - Peter Beckett: Stripe!
08 - Kelly Keagy: Penguin
09 - Mark Jordan: Happy Dance
10 - Richard Page: Tag Team
11 - Jamie Jones: On This Winter Night

Keyboards: Tom Keane, Bob James, Timothy Drury
Guitar: Charlie Mangold, Aaron Fleming, Hiram Bullock
Piano: Don Grusin
Bass: Will Lee, Eric Stern, Nate Brown,
Drums: Omar Hakim, Vinnie Colaiuta
Strings: Matt Funes, Alyssa Park, Eric Hosler
Background Vocals: Jill Dell' Abate, Terry Wood, Bernadetta Barlow, Bill Cantos, Joseph Williams
... and many more

NORIYUKI MAKIHARA Songs From N.Y. (2007)


Anonymous said...

Thanks....interesting stuff..

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks Alot! :-)
Q: Is There A DVD Coming with this Album?
Just Curious what's the Added Value


Camelblue said...

Yes it is, on both releases. It's just a DVD-A, same music. DVD-Audio features a 5.1-channel surround sound option.

Anonymous said...

I See CB, Thanks For the enlightenment.
Love this collection of songs and artists.
Alex Ligertwood (ex-Santana as well)
is one of the greatest vocalist of all times, to my mind.


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Please, can you reupload this record?
Thank you.

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Thank you very much.

Jimmy said...

@Camelblue - is there a good email to reach you at?

Amós Leiva Escalante - "Amox" said...

Hi, can you re upload this album please?