Thursday, August 10, 2017

ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings

ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings - front
This is a re-vamp from one of the very early posts on this blog (we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of this year... time flies!) an album especially recommended for collectors.

ANDY TAYLOR's "The Complete Non-Album Recordings" is an unofficial compilation of all the former Duran Duran guitarist '80s singles not appeared into any of his solo albums.
There's many tracks recorded for movie soundtracks, a couple of unreleased cuts, and a contribution to Rod Stewart's solo album, the rare and hard to find "Lost In You (Extended Version)" with much more guitar licks from Taylor.

ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings - back

After leaving Duran Duran, Andy Taylor has always shown his 'rock side', along with Power Station and solo releases. 
This is a great single collection, a must for soundtrack collectors and '80s music fans.

01. Take It Easy (Rock Mix)
- American Anthem OST only -
02. When The Rain Comes Down
- Miami Vice II OST only -
03. Angel Eyes
- American Anthem soundtrack only -
04. Dead On The Money
- Tequila Sunrise soundtrack only -
05. Be Good To Yourself
- F. Miller cover (never released) -
06. Wings Of Love
- American Anthem soundtrack only -
07. Suffragette City
- David Bowie cover (never released) -
08. Take It Easy (Extended Version)
- American Anthem OST
09. Winner With You
- Stone Cold Sober ltd. ed. EP -
10. Lost In You (Extended Version)
- Rod Stewart 12" only -

Andy Taylor: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Terry Bozzio: Drums
Steve Jones: Guitar
Bryant Simpson: Bass
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
... and many other session musicians

ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings


angstytimelord said...

In a perfect world, Andy's solo stuff would have been bigger than anything Duran Duran ever did! I'm a big fan of D2 (especially the early albums), but I've always preferred Andy's "Thunder" album over any of theirs. He's really an incredible musician, and I don't think he's ever been given his due. Thanks for posting this, I didn't have a few of these songs and it's great to hear the ones from "American Anthem" again!

William Lewis said...

Would you be so kind as to re-up the Andy Taylor collection?

Thanks SO much and you guys rock...cheers!

- William Lewis

chelo said...

link roto ..por favor poder postearlo de nuevo... gracias..

DJ Kenny said...

Hi, are you able to re-post ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings? Thank you!